Friday, 16 May 2014

Vintage Design Plate as Kitchen Décor

Hi honeys,
just a short post to show you something I'm silly excited about :) I love vintage! It is my greatest sadness that I wasn't born 30 years before I was. I adore vintage fashion, I spend the longest time on pinterest staring at all things vintage and longing to climb inside the photographs!

You can see my boards here Rosie's Cottage Vintage Board and my personal vintage board.  So you can imagine I was thrilled while shopping in Asda to see this......

Isn't it fabulous? I just bought the one because I'm going to hang it on the kitchen wall with one of those little plastic coated wire plate hangers.  It's part of their summer/garden range, it's made of melamine and was a staggeringly cheap £1.29!  They have matching mugs and bowls too :)

It's now joined a collection of little things I've been gathering to brighten up our kitchen walls, including a couple of shelves, two cupcake canvases & some little wooden pastel letters that spell "bake."  It would be great to be able to afford a whole new kitchen but we can't so we're going to install a new worktop & decorate a little instead :) I'm not sure when we'll reach the kitchen in our trek through the house on our re-organization journey but I'm hoping it won't be take too long and I promise I'll blog about it when we get there :)

I so hope you're having a wonderful day and looking forward to a great weekend honeys, do let me know your thoughts on vintage things, kitchen  decoration or anything else in the comments section below. Till next time honeys, sending heaps of hugs xx

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