Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Easiest Ever Banoffee Pie!

Hi honeys
Hope you had a great weekend :)  Today I made a lovely healthy dinner of crisp green salad & baked potato and having done the prep and popped the potatoes into the oven, I was at a loose end and thought I'd make something sweet for dessert. Cue me posting another kitchen experiment :)

So, here it is. The quickest banoffee pie recipe ever that is so simple it might as well make itself :) It's also delicious & sticky & sweet & downright yummy :)


300g Digestive biscuits
100g butter or margarine
1 397g can of Carnation Caramel
3 small bananas sliced
1 small tub of double cream OR 1 small tub of Ambrosia Devon Dream (guess who ran out of cream?)
grated chocolate to decorate (optional)


1. Break the digestive biscuits into pieces and place into a blender, blend until it resembles crumbs OR  put the biscuits into a plastic bag (a ziplock bag or a sandwich bag would do so long as biscuit bits can't escape) and roll over with a rolling pin until you've created biscuit crumbs :)

2.  Place your 100g butter (or margarine) into the blender with your biscuits and blend until thoroughly combined OR add to a bowl with your crushed biscuits and mix thoroughly.

3. Fetch a flan tin, one with a removable bottom is best. Place your biscuit mixture into the flan tin, making sure it goes into the sides, flatten it out using the back of a spoon or a spatula.

4. Place into the fridge for approx. 10 minutes to chill & to allow your biscuit base to "rest."

5. Remove from the fridge and spoon on the tin of Carnation Caramel, spreading  carefully with a spoon or spatula.

  6. Once your caramel is spread evenly over the biscuit base, slice your bananas and place on top of the caramel until its covered in a layer of banana slices.

7. Now usually at this point I'd be whipping some double cream to use as a final layer, which you so can do because it's wonderful :) But I didn't have any cream in the fridge (time to shop lol) but I did have a tub of Ambrosia Devon Dream :) For anyone who hasn't tried it yet it's amazing! Tastes like custard and is yummy. So, here is my banoffee Pie with Devon dream as a topping :)

I grated a little chocolate across the top just to finish it off.

8. Return to fridge to chill for at least an hour before slicing, longer if possible.

9. Very carefully push the bottom of the flan tin lifting the pie out of the flan dish. Slice, serve & enjoy :)

NOTE: Hubby loved this, and it did taste so amazing but whenever I next attempt this I'll use whipped cream on the top. The Devon dream tastes wonderful but doesn't "set" as well as whipped cream does.  Also I think I would mash up a banana and add to the whipped cream for extra banana tastiness much the same as I did when I made the banana whipped cream filling in my sponge with banana whipped cream filling & cream cheese frosting.

This was the first time I used a tin of Carnation caramel and it was so easy to use, usually I would make caramel from scratch but will definitely buy this again.

So, over to you honeys. What do you think? Do you have a favourite banoffee recipe?  Banoffee muffins are so yummy and banoffee cheesecake is a dream :) Or, if you'd like to, instead of assembling as above, why not make individual banoffee desserts by assembling a layer at a time in some pretty glasses?

Let me know your thoughts honeys, hope you're having a great week & finding lots of reasons to smile, sending hugs xx

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