Monday, 19 May 2014

Lower Hall Finally Complete!

Hi Honeys :)

If you've been reading my blog lately you'll know that hubby and I have been trying to make some order out of the lower hall & front door (mudroom) area of our home.  Well I think we've managed it, I think its as orderly as it's going to get and I have to admit I'm loving it :)

At first glance it does look a little busy, but everything has a reason for being exactly where it is, everything has a definite function & is useful in maintaining order & the smooth running of our home. 

For closer photos, although I'll be sharing some (different) final photos in this post, you can see posts on  home hub (with free weekly dinner menu printable) alongside the mail sorting system (with free printable labels) and last but not least, our front door/entryway (mudroom) area with blank (matching) printable.  Phew!

So, onto our little, now finished, lower hall.  As you come into our home through the front door you are met with our tiny little outer hall which you might remember we've organized like this.....

from here you are faced with an inner glass door which leads though to our, now organized, lower hall. It's a little area at the foot of the stairs which we've tried to make into our home hub. This is where we sort the mail, pin appointment cards (or write them onto the diary board) or we might make a note of things we need on our next shopping trip.

This is the area that we've now completed and I thought I'd share some final photos.  The other posts on this area showed how we'd used the walls to hang various organizers, such as an ikea rail with matching plastic tubs and a basket.  This post shows how we've completed this little area. 

Under the ikea rail, which sits underneath our weekly dinner menu board, appointment board etc, we've put a shoe cabinet, we have shoes stored elsewhere of course, but this cabinet holds our work shoes. 

We use the surface of the cabinet to sort our mail and then file it into the appropriate pockets. Sitting on the floor by the shoe cabinet is a Variera waste bin from Ikea  which is where junk mail or things to be recycled (envelopes, flyers etc) are dropped when sorting through the mail. I love this because it has a handle and when it starts to look full it can be lifted, taken to the back door and emptied into the large blue recycling bin outside.  It has a matching label to the other organizers in this area.

Sitting by the waste bin are two small fold out tables which we use for our laptop or eating dinner in front of the tv etc.

On top of the shoe cupboard is this.....

It's a cast iron row of cats, they're actually meant as a door stop and match the kitties in our outer hall by the door where we hang our keys on their tails......

I know I said earlier that everything in the lower hall has a reason for being there, well I suppose the kitty door stop is there because they make me smile whenever I look at them :) That seems a good enough reason for the time being :)

Sitting by the Kittys is a desktop organizer we've had for a while....

We originally used it in the living room to store the remote controls and TV magazine in but we have a small brown suede covered box for the remotes now that sits on our coffee table, and you know what they say "shop your home" so we re-purposed it in our hallway and now it holds envelopes, address label stickers, birthday cards & note cards for when they're needed.  Our own small communications centre I suppose :)

So, that's it honeys.  We've started at the front door and made our way into the lower hall as part of our organizing journey. Now we have to carry on till we've worked our way through the rest of our home and hopefully managed to get it as organized as this is. 

Over to you honeys, any thoughts? Are you engaged on your own organizing journey? if so do share in the comments section below, or share links to your own organizing blog posts?  Thank you for visiting, it means more to me than I can say. I hope you're having a fabulous day & send hugs xx


  1. I love this post! Everything looks wonderful. I'm so disorganised it's unreal. x

    1. Hi Leah, thank you so much for visiting! x I am so, so unorganized! I've tried for so long to create some kind of order in our home, so I did what I was reading about online a lot. I collected some bins and baskets but it didn't really help all that much. I've gotten to the point now that I need order, I have RA & Fibro and now Osteo in the base of my spine & I just can't bear the stress of having to spend an hour looking for a bill I need or a letter I need to answer, and it happens so often.

      It seems to be working this time because I have hubby on board, bless him. I get tired out so easily and he's amazing. We plan things out together and he figures out a way to make what we have on paper just happen :) Like fastening those green crates together at the front door to make some little cubbies to keep things in. We'll keep going and maybe some day I'll know exactly what's in those baskets & bins :) Thank you so much Leah for visiting, sending lots of hugs xx