Sunday, 4 May 2014

Apple Blossom has arrived!

Good afternoon honeys,

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, mind you it is a long weekend with Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow so rain is pretty much compulsory :) What is it that makes rain more likely on bank holidays? Or is it just here :) Anyway, I thought I'd brighten the day by sharing some photos I snapped today in the garden. I hope you like them.

Our apple tree, which has yet to produce any apples, still too young yet, has this past two years shown the most gorgeous apple blossom. It's so, so pretty and I wanted to share, so here goes....

Isn't that the prettiest shade of pink honeys? 

I'm so glad we bought this little camera, it's a Nikon Coolpix and I'm starting to get used to using it now. I know it sounds silly but I feel like I'm getting to see the world around me differently and its just wonderful :)

I so love seeing the garden wake up every year after sleeping soundly all through winter, the roses starting to bud and the grass needing its first cut of the year. Oh my, the smell of freshly cut grass is among my favourite scents ever :)

Speaking of roses, the Peonies in the back garden are in bud now and will bloom soon, I thought I'd share a photo of them, I'll post another when they properly bloom.  They are the most fantastic shade of burgundy then and are just stunning.

So what's blooming fabulously around you honeys? Do share? I've always wished I had a "green thumb" able to grow anything at will, but unfortunately not, I really am an amateur when it comes to gardening, I do love it though :)

I hope that whatever you're doing today dear ones, that you're having fun and that smiles & laughter are plenty. Sending heaps of hugs always, xx

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