Sunday, 18 May 2014

Inverted Shelf Unit As A Desk Hutch!

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid or given any products to write this post, just wanted to share my latest wee smile is all.

Hello again honeys,
Hope everyone's had a fabulous weekend :) Today's post is an organizational post with a difference in that it's not really about organizing, although it could so easily be used to do that.  Hubby has set up a set of cubbies or a sort of hutch above my desk for me that started out life as a DVD shelf!  Doesn't it look wonderful....

A DVD shelf unit is turned into the coolest desk hutch

I can't tell you how much I'm loving this 💗

I'm ahead of myself!  I don't know if you remember but I had mentioned in my last post that my hubby had been his usual sweet self and had bought me a DVD/CD storage shelf unit for above my tiny desk in the living room.  The unit looks like this......

Virgo DVD/CD Shelf Unit From Argos

It's from Argos and is called the Virgo DVD & CD Media Storage Unit and is essentially a flat pack storage unit designed to fit into a corner, with four shelves.  Having brought it home and put it all together though, hubby agreed with me that it just didn't look "right" in the corner by my desk. 

It was a puzzle, what to do with a shelf unit that didn't really fit the corner for which it had been bought.  Hubby came up with the idea of inverting it and using it as a sort of hutch for my desk. Genius!! So it went from a tall narrow unit designed to fit neatly into a corner to this....

From an upright unit with shelves for DVDs and CDs to a handy set of cubies above my desk.

I love it! It's gone from shelves to four good sized cubbies to hold treasures :) The first cubby (on the right hand side of the photograph) has my diary, a couple of notebooks, my Ereader, another notebook, a "teach yourself blogging" book (hey I'm a newbie & still learning lol) two cd/dvd holders from Ikea and a little notebook in the shape of a handbag :) It still has room for my tablet to be stored safely there too.

When used as storage cubbies this little DVD/CD unit is perfect to keep items to hand by my desk.

The next cubby has one of our treasures, a beautiful porcelain couple ornament. Isn't it beautiful honeys?

This little desk hutch has become the perfect place to display much loved items.

It was a gift from dear, dear friends (throws huge squeezy hugs to John & Francine thank you honeys xx) and I love it, so I'm happy that it has a home that will keep it safe.  Also because it's at my desk, where I can see it every day, it makes me think of my friends & that always makes me smile :)

The next two cubbies are a work in progress.  I'll probably move the two little storage boxes and replace them with photo frames but for now they hold....

A safe place to store my little Nikon camera and its accessories.
a little storage box containing my tiny Nikon camera and accessories (usb cable etc) and next to that...

Room for more treasures including Shelduck :)

another tiny storage box which has a desktop sticky tape (Sellotape) dispenser with around half a dozen spare refills. Next to this is my little Shelduck :) I adore this little guy, he was a gift from one of my husband's Colleagues and I love him :)  Slightly behind Shelduck is a beautiful mini gold tree which was also a gift from a dear friend at work, it's so pretty I keep it at my desk because it makes me smile :)

Using this shelf as a hutch instead of as a corner shelf unit has worked so well we're thinking about getting another one for upstairs above our bed. It would be a great place to put books (yes we still own actual books with real paper pages lol) ereaders or our tablets at night before going to sleep instead of cluttering up our bedside tables.

So, what do you think honeys?  Do you like the hutch idea? I'm getting to be a real fan of cubbies, having organized crates into storage cubbies in our mudroom/front door area. Another great idea of Hubby's which you can see here.  I love that it allows things to be split into catagories & makes it so, so easy to be organized without even thinking about it :) Do let me know what you think in the comments section below, and whatever you're doing, I hope you're having a wonderful day, hugs xx 

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