Friday, 7 March 2014

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Hello there, lovely to meet you :)

Hello, welcome!  Do pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home :)  What you'll find here are the musings of a blissfully happily married, incredibly lucky lady who is also mum to the sweetest furbaby you'll ever meet :) This is Jade.....

Isn't she a cutie? We were blessed to adopt our precious angel from a rescue when she was approx. 7 months old, and she is the apple of our eye :)  I keep being told that she's spoiled and I always reply that she is not spoiled! she's just loved an awful lot :) Jade loves walkies with Dad, cuddles on the sofa with her Mum and naps! she also adores her cuddly stuffed toys, especially the squeaky ones :)

Back to me then, although I could chat happily about our baby Jade for hours :) I'm a Spoonie and battle arthritis - inflammatory (RA) & osteo, fibro and asthma. Well meaning people often tell me that I'm "too cheery" or "don't you cope well."  I say well meaning (and I'm very sure they are) but it can grate on a person! :)  Anyone who has mobility problems & all of the other associated baggage that accompanies coping with a chronic illness knows how incredibly difficult coping is and really doesn't want it pointing out! I'm just not a fan of "pity parties."

I love reading, writing, and trying out recipes. My kitchen experiments are tested on my poor long suffering husband, who has yet to complain, ever, bless :) We are currently involved in home re-organization, yep I said we :) Of all the blessings I've had in my life, beyond a doubt my darling husband is the finest.  Anything I've ever gotten excited about, whether something silly like my latest recipe experiment or wanting desperately to organize our home from top to bottom, he's smiled his beautiful smile, given me a huge hug and joined in :)

I did say I was a very lucky lady, and when I count my blessings and say thank you every day, hubby is my first, always :) I try to keep myself as busy as I can and love to tweet, pin and most of all to hug :) Seriously, I'm a serial hugger! Can't help myself :)

Thank you for stopping by, do say hello in the comments section below and I promise I'll reply. Hoping you have a fabulous day, and sending you heaps of hugs,
Rosie xx

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huggles xx
Hugs Always

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