Saturday, 29 March 2014

Maggi Italian Chicken Papyrus Sheets

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked/or paid to write this post, It's just another of my little kitchen experiments :) 

Hi Honeys
Having seen the ad for these herb coated papyrus sheets on TV I was curious and thought well why not try them :)

  Inside the package there are four papyrus sheets, each coated in Italian herbs, which look like this....

The papyrus sheets are folded in half in the packet, so when you open them you have the herb coated surface inside......

The chicken fillet is placed inside the papyrus and the papyrus is closed over it, they are then placed carefully inside your pan (I used our saute pan but a frying pan would do too)

Next the important bit, to me anyway :) There is no need to add any oil, not even a little! Just the folded papyrus sheets with the chicken fillets inside, set the heat to low and allow to cook for around 10-12 mins each side, turning the chicken parcels as they are, ie carefully keeping the chicken inside the paper.

Once cooked (to check pierce the chicken fillet in the middle with a knife, juices should run clear if cooked) then serve as you like :) We've had them with a crunchy green salad and when I cooked them last night, we had them with fluffy mashed potato & button brussel sprouts. Delicious :)

These wonderful little loaded papyrus sheets are great for a quick dinner and are so far available in Italian Herb, Garlic & Paprika flavour.

Have you tried these little papyrus sheets honeys? If so have you a favourite variety? any other ideas on what to serve with them? I'd love some inspiration, Hope you're having a fabulous weekend everyone, Till next time dear ones, huggles xx

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