Friday, 7 March 2014

Longing For Spring, Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds!

Hi Honeys

Is anyone else fed up of wearing multiple jumpers/cardigans/scarves & gloves? As someone not terribly steady on her feet I'm so grateful for the lack of snow this year, ice terrifies me! but I'm so, so fed up of drenching rain, winds so raw they feel like they could cut a person in two and did I mention I'm fed up of jumpers! 
Fluffy Clouds & Longing For Spring

Really, though :/ I so long for the sun on my face and for warm gentle breezes. For daffodils, for the lavender to start scenting the garden again and for the roses to bud and show their beautiful colours. 

I want to wear dresses and sandals and not need anything more substantial than a pretty cardigan when I go to work, which I'll drape over my bag for home time that night because it'll be too warm to wear it on the way there :)

I want to start my day, as I always do with my daily laundry and know that today it can be hung outside and billow in the warm breeze till its dry, when I'll bring it inside and be swept away by the gorgeous fresh smell :) There is no other smell quite like fresh linen air dried outside. Bliss!

As I've already explained elsewhere on this blog, I do honestly, truly adore doing laundry :) I love it! So when last Monday I opened the curtains to see this....
Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds

I was over the moon! I opened the back door and sure enough! sunshine, blue skies and fluffy clouds! Joy!! It still felt chilly of course, after all it was only 7 degrees :) but there was a good wind. So on went the washing machine and out went bedding, towels as well as my usual daily wash all hung outside. It took a while of course, I'm not as steady on my feet as I was but it was the best day I'd had in a while and I loved it!

Of course I paid for it for almost 3 days afterwards with constant pain in my spine & shoulders. Was it worth it? oh my yes! Because I did it! I got my laundry done and hung outside. Another winter has gone (hopefully) and I haven't lost the ability to do my laundry. That's my fear you see, that some day I won't be able to do it and I really do think that would break my heart. I take such pleasure from it. Silly I know.

So, dear reader.  What are you looking forward to about spring? What will you do when the blue skies & fluffy clouds appear?  I hope the sun is shining for you today wherever you are, sending heaps of hugs, Rosie xx    

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