Friday, 14 March 2014

Still Waiting for Spring..

The background I used to make this image came from the wonderful Antique Images a lovely site packed full of the most stunning free backgounds & graphics. Do go along and say hi to Carolyn on Twitter and follow her site at Bloglovin I just did :)

Hi Honeys 
I hope you're well and hopefully seeing some sunshine? 

So, this week we got a beautiful glimpse of Spring... for a few days anyway :) We had gorgeous blue skies complete with fluffy clouds and a perfect soft breeze.
A Perfect few days for drying laundry, playing with your furbaby in the garden & just sitting in the sunshine, taking a few minutes to just breathe and be happy :) All of which I did, and it made such a difference to my mood and to how I felt.

The aches seemed to ease a little (although I paid for hanging out the laundry later but it was so worth it!) and I was the happiest I've been for a while. Sunshine makes such a difference when its been such a long, rainy, miserable winter.
I so hope that wherever you are, you managed to catch a little sunshine, feel the spring breezes and if you're lucky enough to be a parent to a furbaby, that they got to have fun too :)

Wishing you sunshine, smiles & lots of hugs honeys xx

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