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Do You Love Fashion? Why Not Release Your Inner Designer!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote Polyvore, I just adore creating there and wanted to share :)

Hi honeys
I'm so excited to share this with you! Have you heard of Polyvore?

"Afternoon Tea With Friends" by me :) You can see it (and details of the items used) Here

Ever Wanted To Create A Collection? To Release Your Inner Designer?

Imagine having a fantasy closet. Now imagine that you could stock that fantasy closet with any item from the best stores, from the catwalks, any item ever created, past or present, by all of the greatest designers.  All there for you to mix & match, to use to create your own looks.

For the past year or so I have been having great fun creating "sets" at a fabulous site called Polyvore. Oh my goodness, if you love fashion, if you love interior design, if you love to look at beautiful things, Polyvore is the place to be! Essentially, the site encourages its members to create a set or even a collection of their favourite looks whether in the worlds of fashion or interior design.  Each set you create will be saved on your home page (you can see mine here ) and if you run your cursor over each set you'll see the details (inc price etc) of each piece.

I thought I'd show you a few of my creations as an illustration and thought we'd start with something glamorous.....

What are your favourite looks? Do you love Hollywood style glamour? casual chic? I've always said I was born too late. I so long to live in a time when ladies wore hats & gloves, and created this little montage in honour of the 1940s

Homage to Flappers

The beautiful costumes used in the re-make of the Great Gatsby movie inspired me to make this homage to flappers :) Those fabulous ladies were carving a path for all women in the 1920's freeing them of the restrictions of their whalebone corsets and stays and putting the fun into fashion. Cropping their hair, taking on the world and demanding that women have a voice.

I adore Polyvore, it lets me indulge my fashion fantasies :) I thought I'd share some of my little creations in this post and hope that you might want to have fun too. So, here then are some of my little creations, made using some stunning pieces designed by some fabulously talented people.

Details of Emerald Chic are here includes specifics of that stunning Dolce & Gabbana lace overlay dress & don't get me started on how gorgeous that Prada bag is :)

I though this was a perfect outfit for an afternoons shopping in the City. Details for "Afternoon in the City" are here  Isn't that dress fabulous?

Details for these awesome Armani pieces are here

Details for this Red Carpet look in stunning Sapphire can be found here

Details for this pretty spring look are here

This ensemble is put together using stunning pieces by Valentino
Details of each individual piece can be found here

Not Just For Fashion

There is much more to Polyvore than just fashion though. I spend hours pouring over articles on interior design and among other soft furnishing "finishing touches" I'm a great lover of cushions & throw pillows, and had fun creating this.....

Details here

Polyvore is such a fun site! You can find the Home page here  Are you a member already? If so, do link to some of your creations in the comments section, I'd so love to see them. Hope you're having a fabulous day honeys xx 

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