Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How To Organize Beautiful Pashmina Scarves & Shawls Beautifully!

Hi honeys, 
Today I thought I'd share my most recent organizing project.  Do you adore pashmina scarves/shawls as much as I do? I don't have very many but I needed to find a way to store them carefully in order to take care of them.  

Let's see what I did shall we? 

How to safely organize pashmina scarves & shawls

Until recently I owned two pashmina scarves/shawls and stored them, folded carefully, in a drawer. Then a dear friend, <hugs Francine so tightly>  bought me another two, which I absolutely love! They are just beautiful and way too nice for me!

So, being too terrified to take them out of the bag in case anything happened to them, but so wanting to be able to see them :) I wanted to figure out a safe way to store them and I think I have :)

So, first of all I took one of those very slim but velvety texture hangers, the ones that stop clothes from slipping off them? The one I used is intended to be used for trousers and looks like this.....

A "trouser hanger" is ideal for storing beautiful pashminas safely.

I then gathered my pashminas together, these are the ones Francine bought for me,

How to organize: Beautiful pashminas - a gift from a dear friend.

see what I mean about them being beautiful? They're so lovely and soft too, I adore them, Thank you Francine <hugs so tightly> xx  Then I fetched my other two from the safety of their drawer....

How to organize: Beautiful pashminas - as you can see, being stored in a drawer leaves folds & creases.

I adore these pashminas, but as you can see, being stored in a drawer (no matter how carefully) leaves folds & creases unfortunately.  

All of my much loved pashminas in one place, I then arranged them onto the hanger, safe in the knowledge they won't slip off.  I'm so happy with the result honeys.  As you can see from this pic they fit perfectly and look great too :)

How to organize: Beautiful pashminas now safely stored and can be seen too.

  Now I can have them hanging safely and still be able to see them every day and smile because they make me think of a very dear friend :)

As you can see, when hanging on the hanger they are no longer than a suit jacket would be, and so would fit perfectly into a zip up suit cover.

How to organize: Beautiful pashminas now safely stored.

Which is what I'm going to do.  I'll be using a see through cover so that I can still see them, which would also be great if you have a bigger collection, because you'd be able to see at a glance which pashminas are on that hanger.

Well that's been my little organizational project for this week. I have a collection of smaller scarves, I so love them, and I store them hanging up in little plastic hoops, do let me know if you want me to post a photo of how I store them.  Do you adore pashminas like I do? if so, how do you store yours honeys?  Do let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you so much for stopping by, sending hugs and warmest wishes for a wonderful day xx

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