Sunday, 28 February 2016

Spring Is Starting To Spring :)

Hi Honeys
Just dashing off to work and wanted to wish you a happy Sunday full of smiles and hugs :)

Yesterday was an incredible day. It was bright and, until mid afternoon at least when it clouded over a little, the West of Scotland basked in the most glorious sunshine :) I was at work all day and so I missed what would have been my first opportunity of the year to hang out laundry.  Imagine! Me, missing a laundry day?  You know how I am about laundry :)

You know what though honeys I don't mind :) There will be (hopefully) many sunny days ahead to do laundry and I had a great day at work :)  Today we have beautiful blue skies with not a cloud in the sky.....
Scottish Spring Blue Skies
It is positively glorious outside honeys. I'm smiling even sitting here typing this :) It's been a very long, very dark Winter and just to see the sun shining through the windows in the morning feels fabulous and lifts my mood :)

I went outside to snap the above photo to share with you and even though it was after 10am there was still a ground frost...
Even the frost looked pretty in the sunlight though. We only have four weeks left till the clocks go forward and I know that temperatures will start to climb over the next few weeks and maybe (hopefully) sunny days will become less rare.  Till then, I'll wear a cardigan to stay warm and you can bet the next non-rainy sunny day where I don't have work, I'll have my laundry outside :)

Have a wonderful Sunday dear ones, I hope you're having a bright sunny day where you are too :) Till next time, huggles always xxx


  1. I can't wait for the clocks to go forward! Yay for sunshine and some warmth wouldn't go amiss either. xxx

    1. Hi Honey x Oh me too! Only three weeks to go now till we're on British Summer time and I'm counting the days :) I can't believe I'm still wearing gloves, scarf and hat in March. Winter has definitely dragged it's heels this year :/ Here's to a long, sunny Summer honey, huggles xxx