Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How Hubby & A Little Penguin Solved My Photography Problem...

Hi Honeys
I hope you're staying warm and maybe even seeing some sunshine :) I woke up this morning, a little before 5am, to the BBC telling me we have a local weather warning for snow! Snow! Honey's it's March!  Spring or not,  it's certainly cold enough... brrr!

OK, so today I'm going to share how incredibly stupid I can be without even trying :)

How A Little Penguin Fixed My Camera

Writing this, I really do feel spectacularly silly.  I had a huge "doh" moment which made me feel at first ridiculously daft but then almost immediately I felt incredibly relieved too, and then spectacularly silly all over again :)  I should explain....

I recently wrote an update post on how my fun little knitted blanket was coming along.  As I always do, I spent ages snapping photos to later edit and add to the post.  In each and every photo though there was a problem.  Can you see it?

Camera problems

I took so, so many photos of my little blanket through that afternoon, thinking it might be the light, possibly the way the sunshine was hitting the blanket.  I take most of my photos in our kitchen because the sunlight positively streams in there but maybe that was the problem?

I tried closing the blinds just a little, or pulling them up altogether but it made no difference.  My mind somehow decided around then that I'd broken my camera.  Yep, that must be it. I went from puzzled to "oh no!!" in a fraction of a second and got myself so agitated that I actually cried! Honestly honeys, what am I like?

I adore my new camera, I really do. How could I not? It was a Christmas gift from Hubby. I married the sweetest man in the world.  He knows how much my blog means to me and it was such a surprise when I opened a gorgeous gift bag and, among other sweet things, I found this..

Nikon Coolpix L340

I have to admit though that as much as I love it, this camera does still intimidate me a little.  Every time I use it I'm so scared I'm going to drop it (I have to be the most clumsy person in the world.)  I know I'll get less terrified of it the more used to it I become but for now.... well I'm working on it :)

So, after Hubby being so sweet, my inner voice was telling me quite sharply, I'd managed to go and break it after only having it a few weeks! Why!! Why was the universe so unfair? Why am I so stupid and clumsy? Poor Hubby, he'll be so disappointed in me,  he'll be hurt that I didn't care enough to be careful with it, aw how was I going to tell him?

Do you ever "over think" things honeys? I do it all the time.  I need to work on that...  Anyway, after spending the rest of the afternoon hating myself for Hubby's inevitable hurt feelings, disappointment etc (you get the idea.... tsk!) Hubby arrives home with his usual huge smile and hugs for me and of course for our furbaby Jade. Our furbaby loves hugs :)

Well, long story short, I blurted out to Hubby that I'd broke the camera and what a horrible person I am etc etc and Hubby did what Hubby's always done, bless him.  He asked what was wrong? I explained that I couldn't take photos anymore and showed him on my laptop some of the photos I'd taken that day, including the one I'd used on my blog post (which you can see above.)

Hubby grinned. Grinned honeys! He then asked if he could see my camera and proceeded to take a very soft cloth and gently cleaned the lens! Problem solved, Hubby still grinning :) Arrrggggg!! See what I mean about feeling spectacularly stupid honeys?  It had never even occurred to me that I might have accidentally touched the lens and caused a smudge.

Next day Hubby brought me home the most adorable wee gift...  

This is Skipper the penguin and his reverse side, the back, is made of a specially designed soft material, it feels like very soft micro fibre actually, anyway, it's designed to clean screens and is so squishy and soft that he's perfect for cleaning smudged camera lens too :)  Skipper now lives in my camera bag just in case I ever have smudged photos again  :)

I love those Penguins from the Madagascar movies, I love that I can use my camera again (I'm working on being more confident with it too) and most of all I love my sweet Hubby who can calm me in a heartbeat by being, as a dear friend once said, "so laid back he's almost horizontal" (thank you Meme honey, true then, true now lol xx)

So dear ones, am I the only daft person in the world or have you ever done something so silly it later made you giggle? If so, why not share?

It's gone lunchtime and so far, touch wood, no sign of any snow yet.  I'm hoping the BBC got it wrong (again) on the weather but it feels bitterly cold all the same.  Stay warm honeys, till next time, smile and hug lots, huggles always xx

Stay warm honeys


  1. Hehehe, that made me laugh! Once I dropped my camera and an eyelash appeared right in the middle of the screen in photos from then on. It must have been in there since it was put together and got jolted when I dropped the camera, and I was feeling all kinds of miserable until hubby brought home a can of compressed air to blow it away! :) xxx

    1. Hi Leah x Oh no!! That would have had me in a right state! My first thought wouldn't have been that an eyelash was there but I would have just assumed I'd broken it! Thank God for calm, sensible, unruffled Hubbys who can see exactly what the problem is and then fix it :) As bloggers our cameras are such a huge part of our blogs (not to mention expensive to replace) and if anything happens to them, well it's hugely upsetting and all rational thought goes out the window. I mean I was actually crying the other day. I look back at it and think "what were you doing Rosie?" I really need to work on over thinking things and absolutely need to work on the way I react to things :) Have a fab weekend honey, try to stay warm, this is when sneaky colds and chest infections look for spoonies to pounce on, I'm wearing thermals to work today lol :) sending heaps of huggles always xxx

  2. Oh this is so funny Rosy! And your hubby is so sweet and thoughtful. I adore the penguin screen buddy. I haven't done that but I have had my far share of frantically searching for keys or phone only to have my husband find them in my purse where they should be even though I'm sure I already checked. When I get frantic and am in a hurry I can't find anything!

  3. Aw your husband is a gem. What a lovely man you have!
    Do you ever "over think" things honeys? Hell yes.. I always see dragons where there are but skinks. Don't feel bad.. XOXOXOXO