Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday Smile: Still Knitting :)

Hi Honeys
Just wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend before dashing out the door to work :)

Oddest thing today, the sun is out! Yaaaaay! Sunshine honeys :) I was starting to forget what it looked like :) Maybe Spring is ready to make an appearance after all, I so hope so! It's felt like a very long Winter.
Friday Smile
 Do you remember the little squares I started knitting to take my mind off those awful storms honeys?

Rosies Knitting

What started as a distraction from howling winds and the destruction of our fencing and gate might actually turn into a blanket after all :) I'm learning as I go along, because it's been so long since I knitted anything and I never really learned to knit anything impressive like sweaters or cardigans but it's been such fun so far :)

Rosies Knitted Squares Collection

As you can see I've added to my little square collection :) In my last post I had knitted four squares and had just started on the larger pink square, which I'm hoping is going to be the centre of my blanket.  I'm being held back by my hands which is very annoying.  I can't knit for very long before the arthritis starts yelling at me and I have to stop for a while.

I've finished the large pink square though, which is double the stitches and twice the length of the smaller squares. In other words, the large square is the same size as four of the smaller squares :)  The smaller squares have twenty three stitches and I knitted forty six rows and then one more row while casting off to finish them.  I then doubled my stitches and rows for the pink square. It really felt like it took forever to knit that larger square because I had to keep stopping :/

I was originally planning to knit multi-colour squares to surround the pink square (twelve of them) and then keep knitting using up the wool (yarn) I have at home but I've decided, since I have two huge balls of a gorgeous navy blue wool already, to buy more of that and use the coloured squares between each row of navy blue squares.  So that the navy blue will become the main colour of the blanket.

So (hopefully) it will start in the middle with the large pink square, then there will be twelve navy blue squares as a surround, followed by a row of the multi coloured squares around the navy blue ones and so on.  I know it such a silly thing to be happy about but I really am :)

What's making you smile today honeys? I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that it's sunny where you are too.  If you're going outside wrap up warm, I don't think Winter is quite done with us yet. Till next time dears, huggles xxx  


  1. My mum is a brilliant knitter, but I've never really learned. I did knit a scarf in school once, which I gave to my friend Neil, and it was a proper Tom Baker Dr Who scarf. It was about 15 feet long! He hated it, hahaha. I look forward to seeing your finished blanket.

    P.S. My mum has arthritis in her hands and she still knits, too! xx

    1. Hi Honey x Mum's are the best knitters :) I used to love to sit and watch my Mother in law knitting. She'd be watching TV or chatting away to me (or both) and not even looking at her needles clicking away. My sweet brother in law just sent me some of Mums needles, row counters and wool and things and I cried myself sick when they arrived. It was such a lovely, sweet thing to do and I love him for it. I miss her Leah, she wasn't just my mother in law she was my Mum for such a long time and I loved her so much. I'd have loved to have seen your Dr Who scarf, I'll bet it was brilliant! I'm married to a Dr Who nut so that might be a cool future project although he'd probably want a matching one for Jade too :) I love that your Mum is still knitting in spite of the arthritis. I'm hoping that it will help, sort of a physio for the hands? Thank you for visiting honey, it was lovely to see your comment waiting for me. It hasn't been the best weekend and you've so cheered me up, love and hugs always honey xxx