Friday, 26 February 2016

Friday Smiles: Easiest Ever Knitted Squares Blanket Pattern :)

Hi Honeys
Happy Friday :) I hope you've had a wonderful week & you're looking forward to a fun filled weekend :)

My Friday smile this week is kinda cute in an odd not-quite-finished kinda way :) Wanna see?
Friday Smiles & Knitting
:) Hee hee :) I just can't stop smiling :) Having knitted two squares for my blanket using a small ball of gorgeous green wool I was left with a little left over.  Now, since I wanted to practice my new knitting skills, such as increasing & decreasing stitches, as well as learn how to change wool/yarn colours while knitting, I had an idea :)

Scottish Football 

I'm married to a Celtic supporter honeys. A life long, dyed in the wool, devoted since childhood Celtic supporter.  He once joked, many years ago, that if you cut him in half, like Blackpool rock, he'd say "Celtic Football Club" all the way through :)

He wears two Celtic pins on the lapel of his "outside" jacket every day and on the other lapel he wears a Partick Thistle pin in memory of my sweet Father in law (the Jags were always his Dad's team) as well as a Rangers pin because as Hubby always says "If you love Scottish Football, you have to give a nod to the other lads" :) bless him x

So, what do we have dear ones?  We have spare green wool (or yarn), a wee Rosie looking to learn new knitting skills and a sweet, lovely Hubby whose team wear green and white hoops..... and, well... this happened.....
Celtic Knitted Doll
Now he looks terribly lumpy this wee Celtic guy because his stuffing will need to be moved around a bit to settle it out a little and his face isn't finished yet (still have to stitch on a nose and wee smile) although he does have very pretty blue eyes but since he's a first attempt, I'm rather chuffed :) Hubby loves him, bless him, and says he'll give him pride of place on his desk upstairs :)

Rosie's Knitted Squares Blanket Update 

I thought since we were talking about knitting, I'd give you an update on how my little blanket is coming along :)
Rosies knitted blanket update
I'm so happy about this honeys :) I've knitted the twenty multi-coloured squares which surround the twelve navy squares on the blanket.  I've had such fun knitting these and it's a wonderful way to use up left over or small balls of wool.

As you can see in the blanket chart, made for me by Hubby using Excl after I described how I wanted it to look (thank you sweetheart x) the next task is to knit twenty eight navy blue squares. These will form a navy blue border  for the latest multi-coloured squares.  This will then be followed by an additional thirty six squares using the pretty pastel wool I bought recently. There will then be an additional last border of forty four navy blue squares.
Knitted blanket squares chart

Knitted Blanket Pattern Details 

A little recap then of how I've made this little blanket so far honeys and the pattern to complete it :) 
  1. For the large central square (for blankets middle):  Cast on 46 stitches, knit for 92 rows then one more row while casting off.
  2. Next knit 12 individual squares (to surround the central square) by casting on 23 stitches, knitting for 46 rows and then one more row while casting off.  Every square from this row onwards will all be the same size. Each with 23 stitches, each knitted for 46 rows with 1 more row to cast off.
  3. For the next row, you'll need 20 squares.
  4. For the next row, you'll need 28 squares.
  5. For the next row, you'll need 36 squares. 
  6. For the next row, you'll need 44 squares.
With each square measuring four and a half inches across, (depending on tension of stitches, your squares might be a little smaller or larger) after I've completed the chart above plus the additional row (step 6) - making the blanket 12 squares wide - The blanket should measure 54inches (4 foot six inches) or 137cm.

At this point I'm then planning to begin adding the first of three rows of squares each to the top and bottom of the blanket. This will create a rectangle shape instead of the large square created so far. 

To recap then, the blanket will be made up of rows containing 12 squares across and 18 squares from top to bottom (length.) The blanket should then, when it's complete, measure 54 inches (4 foot 6 inches or 137cm) wide by 81 inches long (6 foot 9 inches or 206cm) top to bottom.  Phew :)

So far I've been knitting all of the squares for each section and once I've completed the squares needed, I then sew them into place. This seems to be working for me, so I think I'll possibly keep doing this for now.   There is a wonderful video tutorial showing how to sew squares together using back stitch, which you can see here. It's part of a collection of video tutorials teaching knitting for beginners (which you can see listed here) from Deagostini, the makers of the knitting partwork I shared recently.  

I'm going to ask Hubby if he'll work on another chart to represent my finished plans for this blanket and will post it when it's done honeys. I can't wait to see the blanket when it's finished although it might take me a while to complete the 180 squares still needed :)  I'm sure our furbaby Jade will adopt the blanket when it's finished, she adores being snuggled under one of her blankets for naps :) 

Do you knit honeys? I'm only learning, so this is quite an adventurous project for me  :) Why not grab a pair of needles, choose your favourite yarn colours and get knitting too? It's such fun :) Till next time then dear ones, have a fabulously fun weekend, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xxx

Edit:  You can find the completed illustrated pattern for this super easy blanket here honeys, enjoy! hugs xx


  1. Rosie! Your wee Celtic guy is adorable! I feel very fond of him already. I'm so glad Hubby likes him because he seems pretty special. I love your wool and all the colors. I am very impressed at your blanket that is coming along nicely! My grandma tried to teach me how to sew or knit (as my mom tried to teach me how to cook) and the numbers and measuring never made sense in my mind! But you made it look fun! :)

    1. Heather! Hello honey x Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't coped well with Winter this year at all. The cold has been making everything ache :/ Knitting is such fun but it's also a great way to maintain mobility in my hands and fingers. The Dr told me recently I have developed osteo arthritis in several of the joints of my fingers. I have to keep them moving honey or they'll stiffen to the point where I'll lose mobility. Knitting is my own little fun version of physio :) I'm trying to learn to read patterns (which I have no clue about right now) and I have a little (growing) list of projects I want to work on after I finish the blanket, it really is such fun :) I hope you're having a fabulous weekend dear wee friend, sending heaps of huggles always xxx