Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Fun & Beautiful Bedding To Set A Mood & Make You Smile...

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, this is just a little virtual retail therapy to distract me and I thought you might like to tag along and keep me company x

Hi honeys
I'm sorry I've been missing for a few days. The damp from the almost constant rain and bitter cold seeping into my bones has been causing a flare of my arthritis.  So, I thought I'd distract myself  by finding some pretty and fun bedding :)

You might have heard me say before on this blog how much I adore bedding.  Bedding is to me what shoes or handbags are to other ladies (although i do love those too!)  Bedding can be the final, finishing touch to a bedroom makeover. It can be the difference between your bedroom being a place to sleep and being your oasis of calm.  Colour and design choices are personal of course but I thought I'd share some duvet set designs I've found online that have made me smile :)
Fun and beautiful bedding
First then, since we're rushing towards Spring (the sooner Spring appears the better) why not a few duvet sets with a fun pattern sure to raise a smile?  


Do you like unicorns honeys? I do.  Gorgeous, mystical creatures who have more than a passing connection to my homeland of Scotland.  A unicorn was used as Scotland's heraldic symbol long ago and can be seen to this day carved into the stone of Edinburgh Castle.

The design of this first duvet set then, appears to ask why horses should have all the fun and imagines unicorns as all sorts of animals. Tigers, lions, hippos, pandas, elephants and giraffes are all included in this friendly, pastel design.
Animalcorns duvet set from Asda
Animalcorns set images & details can be found here

There is something so sweet about this set :) I love the printed banners saying "I believe in unicorns" and that each animal has their own slogan t shirt too. Adorable! 

Staying with unicorns (and why not?) the next set made me smile and feel as if I was twelve all over again :) As a child I would have adored having this set...
Unicorns Duvet Set From Asda
Unicorns set images & details can be found here

So bright, colourful and full of fun. I really would have adored this as a child.

Speaking of bright and full of fun honeys...
Jonill Duvet Set From Ikea

I LOVE this set!! It's also from my happy place, Ikea, which means it ticks all my boxes because not only is it a gorgeous, bright, fun design but (like all Ikea double duvet sets)  it's supplied with four pillowcases! Yaaay!  

How many pillows do you have on your bed honeys?  On our double bed in our master bedroom we have six pillows.  Three on each side.  Most UK duvet sets are supplied with two pillowcases. This means when I make our bed, I use four pillowcases which match the sheets, with the two top pillows in the cases matching the duvet cover, so what a joy it is to buy sets supplied with four pillowcases! 

Wouldn't this set be beautiful to welcome autumn (fall) with it's bright gorgeous pattern of falling leaves.  We have a duvet set similar to this one although not so colourful. It's in pretty shades of green, looks very vintage and is one of my absolute favourites :)  


Much as I adore fun designs honeys, a beautifully made bed with crisp linens in a gorgeous, straight off the pages of a magazine look just make my heart smile :) 

If I were asked to choose an example of this, without pause I would think of any design made by a company called Christy.  We are lucky enough to own one of their sets which is made from percale cotton and feels so lovely to the touch.  

While having a digital wander online looking at beautiful bedding, as I said, to cheer myself up I found this set on their own site...  
Ginko Set By Christy

Doesn't it look beautiful honeys? Bedding made from a jacquard fabric always feels special, luxurious even and I adore the lovely design featuring the ginko tree.

Also from Christy is this set named Snow flowers...  
Snowflower Set From Christy

Again, it's been teamed with a co-ordinating throw and cushions.  This set doesn't look as "formal" as the Ginko set but its so fresh and springlike with it's dainty, flower pattern.    

Back to Ikea then for my last two choices honeys.  First is this stunning floral set named Stenort...

We actually have two very similar floral sets upstairs, both from Ikea.  I've always adored Victoriana inspired items and so floral anything makes me smile.  Things can never be too floral or have too much lace for me.  This set is so pretty, delicate and feminine. It's just so me to a tee :)

Last set then has what appears to be a sort of paisley pattern print in the prettiest shade of blue on a white background ...  
Skorpil Set From Ikea

This set is fabulous honeys and I'm seriously considering treating myself on our next Ikea visit :) We have a lovely white throw and cushions upstairs and I just know they would be perfect with this set!

It's actually available in two other colours. In red and in grey too...
Skorpil Duvet Sets From Ikea
Images found here and here

The red and grey sets are lovely but it's the blue set that's grabbed my attention and would look so pretty in our master bedroom with it's white and powder blue wallpaper.  

Over to you honeys, do you adore bedding like me? I hope you're having a wonderful week so far and staying warm too.  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xxx


  1. I like Ikea bed stuff too. I had a lovely bright yellow set, but it went all bobbly after a few years. xx

    1. Hi Honey x oooo I adore Ikea! I just wish it wasn't so far away. Their stores are so big that they have to build them on the very far end of towns and that means if you don't have a car it's really difficult to get there, more so if you have mobility issues. We have a bright yellow gingham set from there I love to use in the Summer, it just brightens the whole room :) Have a fabulous weekend honey, huggles always xxx

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