Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday Smiles: Now, Where Am I Going To Plant A 55 Foot Tall Tree?

Hi Honeys
I hope you're staying warm in this never ending Winter we appear to be trapped in.  I thought for this week's Friday smile I'd share a little update on Katie's adorable Christmas gift, which you might remember from this post was a living gift. A perfect tiny Christmas tree :)  I so adore this little tree honeys, yep I did say little... now, about that... :)
Now Where Do I Plant A 55 Foot Tall Tree
This week I decided I should re-pot him because he was starting to look a little squished in his original pot.  He has now been potted again into a larger pot.....
Katies Tree Update
This is the biggest plant pot we had in the garden, but by the way he's growing he won't be in this pot terribly long till he's moved again into a much larger planter (it's on our to buy list.)  When the weather improves (very soon I hope) he'll be moved outside to sit on our little patio where he can soak up the lovely fresh Scottish rain and the sun to help him grow.

After I'd re-potted this precious little tree I noticed he had a name printed on his original plant pot. You might be able to see it in the photo above.  It says "pinus pinea" and being naturally curious,  I decided I'd go look this name up online and try to find care and feeding instructions.  Well what I found surprised me honeys, to say the least!

I've managed to find some information on the Pinus Pinea genus and it turns out that Katie's adorable little tree is likely to grow to be anywhere between twelve metres (around thirty nine feet) and seventeen metres (around fifty five feet) tall! Which means that Katie's adorable (and much loved) gift might someday look like this...
Image found here

Oh my! Honeys can you imagine? What a gorgeous tree to sit under on a blanket with our furbaby Jade and a good book on a warm sunny afternoon. We do get those in Scotland, I mean they're pretty rare but that just means we appreciate them more :)  Apparently these trees grow quite quickly but I can't help thinking it would take years to be the size of the beautiful tree in the above photo. 

Mind you honeys, we planted a lemon cypress in our front garden around seven or eight years ago. It was a teeny tiny shrub, around the size of Katie's Christmas tree and now the top of the Cypress almost reaches the window of our upstairs bedroom.  Hubby has been saying we need to move it because he thinks it might be too near the house and is worried about the roots and the foundation of our home. 

What's making you smile today honeys? Stay warm and safe and I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of smiles :)  Huggles always dear ones xx


  1. Oh bloody hell! That happened with a tiny bush my mum had. The tree grew so tall the council had to come and cut it back as it was taller than a telegraph pole! xxx

    1. Hi Leah x Oh wow! I'm really worried about that tiny lemon cypress shrub we planted in front of our living room window. It really was tiny a few years ago but it now reaches the front upstairs bedroom window. Hubby says it has to be cut back because we can't see past it anymore, but really we can't see around it either lol :) How do they grow so fast? I hope you have a wonderful weekend honey, huggles xxx