Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tiny Apple Update

Hello honeys :)
Do you remember my excitement recently when I found a tiny perfect apple growing on our apple tree in the back garden? Of course I've been checking on it every day and it's growing well in the mixture of beautiful sunshine we've had and our lovely Scottish rain :)

So I thought I'd share an updated photo, and here it is:

We bought our little tree from Woolworths (oh how I still miss our local Woolworths store! I can still close my eyes and mentally walk around in it) almost 7 years ago and this is the very first apple, so we're naturally very happy :)

Hubby has said we should trim back the tree this year and hopefully it will grow stronger next year, and who knows I might be able to blog about our first crop of home grown apples being made into gorgeous apple crumbles :)

I hope that you're having a fabulous week honeys :) What's made you smile this week? I hope you've been enjoying the glorious sunshine, this is turning into a wonderful summer. Sending heaps of hugs dear ones xx

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