Thursday, 17 July 2014

Furbaby Happiness On A Sunny Day :)

Hello again honeys,

Now if you've read any of my blog at all you'll know that a sunny day makes me incredibly happy because it allows me to hang laundry outside to dry. Lines of laundry, gently blowing in the breeze is to me pretty much like a trip to Disneyland for other more normal folk :) It really does make me that happy. Reason being that I'm not always able to do the things I really want to do, like hang out laundry, so any "good" day when I am able, is treasured and made the most of.

I have a whole other reason to be incredibly, smiling ear to ear, happy though, and here she is :)

During the last big storm we had, late last year, the winds tore up parts of our back fencing. Literally tore it out of the ground, weather can be scary! Well, because of the broken fencing, our furbaby Jade managed to get out of the back garden.

I should add that she is definitely an "inside" dog. The only time she's outside is when she's in the garden with her Mummy or on walkies with her Daddy. On this occasion she was with me. However I had to go into the house for a few minutes (the phone rang) and when I went back out again minutes later, there was no sign of Jade.

I'm sure I don't have to tell any furbaby parents how terrifying that was.  Wandering off is so out of character for Jade. Our baby was adopted from a rescue when she was young and she's always been very timid. She hadn't been treated very well by her previous owner and it took a long time for her to become a happy, settled baby.

Well, long story short, she was missing for less than 15 minutes until she made her way back along the huge open lane which backs onto our house, following the sound of her Mummy's voice yelling her name. I'm not ashamed to say I was crying, I thought I'd lost her and that will never happen again.  Even now, with the garden long since fully enclosed again, if the phone rings whoever it is can call back, I'm not leaving my baby for a minute!

She looked so frightened when she came into view along that lane, her little tail was down and she ran for me when she saw me.  As a result of having gotten lost, even for so short a time (even though it felt like an eternity)  Jade completely lost her confidence. We had to coax her to go outside. She wouldn't go too far from home and only (grudgingly) went on (very) short walks if she had both Mummy & Daddy with her. She seemed so afraid, understandably, to lose her home again. It's taken months for her to be this comfortable with her surroundings outside again, and I'm so, so grateful that she is, and that she's smiling again :)

The wonderful weather we've had in the UK for the past couple of months has been amazing, I've loved it & have adored that I have been able to hang out laundry :) The big story for us though for this year won't be the glorious summer, it'll be that our baby once again feels safe enough to lay in the sun in her garden :)

What's making you smile today honeys? I hope you're having a wonderful day & that the sun is shining wherever you are :) Sending heaps of hugs xx


  1. Awwww, what a cutie! It must have been terrifying to lose her, even for a short time. x x

    1. Hi Leah :) thank you so much for visiting! I was in full panic mode, out in that horrible lane in my bare feet, crying my eyes out and pettrified I'd lost her. She has one of those little micro chip things (vet suggested it when we first registered her with them & she had her innoculations) but who thinks of that when panic has hold :(

      She's so much happier now & I'm so grateful, she's our baby Leah, thank you for understanding, not everyone does. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, it.s supposed to be practically tropical, not too hot though I hope. We're not used to extreme heat in UK. Sending you millions of hugs honey xxx