Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tiny Mudroom - The Organization Continues!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote this product it's just our latest little bargain in the continuing mission to organize our home.

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Hello honeys,
Do you remember my recent post about first finding out what a "mud room" is & then realising we have one? A mud room is generally the area just inside your entry way, at either the front or back door, where dirty shoes or muddy wellingtons will be deposited, rather than trekking mud & dirt all over your clean floors.

In our case our mudroom is a tiny space just inside the front door, separated from the rest of the house by a glass door which opens onto our hallway and the lower floor of the house.  We've been tweaking ours again, and I wanted to share.

Mudroom Organization

I mentioned in a recent post (which also had an adorable little printable "to do" list in case you missed it) that we'd bought a little shelf unit for our tiny mudroom & promised to share when it was in place.  Well, on Monday night after dinner (and after taking our furbaby Jade walkies, bless him :) hubby put it together and hung it up behind the front door in our teeny tiny mudroom :)

I'd spotted the shelf unit in the Argos sale, it was a bargain at £9.99 & looks like this.....

After making use of some plastic crates we already had to make storage cubbies in our teeny tiny mudroom during our last attempt at organizing that space, I loved the idea that this little unit has two perfect cubbies as part of its design, as well as useful hooks to hang things on we'd like to keep near the door to just grab & go.
This is how the area behind the front door now looks....
Organizing the mudroom

As you can see the green crate cubbies are still there & still being used. The new shelf unit is the only difference and I think it's fitted in really well.  

Lets have a closer look at what's here...

Mudroom Organized

Behind the green cubbies is a hidden cupboard this is where our electric meter & trip switches (circuit breakers) are.  As you can see by installing the new shelf unit to store gloves, hats & scarves etc we've de-cluttered the top of the green cubbies.

There also used to be a little basket for Jade's things on top too, but this is now gone and has been replaced by a silver "under shelf" basket which sits inside her cubbie.  This in-cubbie shelf is now home to her little accessories such as boxes of poop bags for walkies and her thundershirt (to help with anxiety) is also stored there.

Now for a closer look at the little shelf unit itself and how we've organized it......

Mudroom Shelf Unit Organization

 I used two little baskets we already had to pop onto the shelf unit, one for each of us, hubby & I. Inside these baskets we have gloves, scarves & hats. We're having such a glorious summer this year but our weather can change in a heartbeat to wet, windy and miserable so they need to be within reach :)
As you can see I've used the hooks of the unit to store umbrellas, torches for night time walkies with Jade and the middle hook has one of my favourite "everyday" hats :)
I'm so happy with this little shelf unit, it's just finished that corner off, de-cluttered the top of the cubbies and best of all organized the things we use most, fabulously. It was such a bargain too which is always a bonus & goes to show that you don't need lots of money to make your home somewhere that makes you smile. Just as well really since, like everyone else nowadays, we don't have money that's spare. 
I'm a great fan of re-purposing things. Shop your home first. Have a rummage through your cupboards, you're almost certain to find baskets, containers & boxes you've forgotten you even had :)
So honeys, what do you think? Would you have organized it differently? How do you organize your mudroom?  Have you written a blog post about it? If so, please leave me the link I'd love to see it.  I hope you're having a wonderful week & enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having :) Till next time, as always, sending huggles xx  

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