Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Latest Little Kitchen Storage Bargains

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to recommend these products, I just wanted to share my latest bargain finds.

Hello Honeys :)
I hope you're all well & having a great week.  The weather is playing havoc with my painful joints I'm afraid but I wanted to share a couple of little bargains I found when Hubby & I were doing a grocery shop last weekend. So that if you live near either Home Bargains or Asda you might also be able to snap them up too :)

glass bowls & airtight container with compartments

First up is this adorable little set of 5 glass bowls with clip on lids. Perfect for storing left overs in the fridge or for measuring out ingredients, ready to use when cooking/baking.  This is a habit of mine, to measure out ingredients and have them sitting ready for use before beginning to cook a dish. It just makes things so much easier.

Bocca lidded glass bowls

These pretty little clear glass bowls will be perfect and I'm sure they'll have lots of use.  I saw them in our local Home Bargains store and they were such a bargain at only £1.65 for the set!  The bowls "nest" one inside the other & will be so easy to store since they take up practically no space.

My other little bargain this week was a wonderful little airtight container which I thought would be prefect for hubby to use to take lunch and/or snacks to work with him.

Arctic Zone Locking Lid Container With Compartments

Aside from being a great quality container with a "locking lid" which clicks down and locks on all four sides, it will be perfect for safe transport of Hubby's lunch. He has two other similar containers of this type but this one is slightly different.

It has two removable inner containers which effectively separates the container itself into three separate compartments.

Arctic Zone Locking Lid Container - compartments

This will be invaluable for packing hubby's lunch especially when, as is sometimes the case, it has side portions of vegetables.  I like to make sure hubby has a healthy lunch and so he always has a meal rather than a sandwich.  There is less temptation to eat unhealthily if he has lovely nibbles with him :) 

This morning he took some tuna pasta I made for him last night & popped into the fridge, and his new container which I've filled with fresh fruit to snack on during the day.

As you can see the little separate inner dishes are perfect for packing portions without their becoming muddled & mixed.  I've filled the larger compartment with Galia & Honeydew melon and the other two section dish holds grapes & mixed summer berries (strawberries, cranberries, raspberries & blueberries.) I'm sure hubby will enjoy snacking throughout the day and I can be happy in the knowledge that his snacks are healthy.

We found this clever little container in Asda's sale, it's available with different coloured lids and was a real bargain at only £1.50.

So those are our little bargains :) Have you found any little bargains recently? Why not share?  I'd love to hear about them. I hope you're having a great day honeys, till next time xx

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