Monday, 28 July 2014

Rosie & The Very Large Spider!

Hi honeys,
Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend :) Me, when not working I've been having adventures including a run in with what is possibly one of the biggest spiders I've ever seen!

So, imagine you wake up and something catches your attention, something you've "seen" just out of the corner of your eye. Something very high up where the corner of the room meets the ceiling.  So, you look in the direction of whatever your still sleepy brain has noticed and you see this......

BEWARE! photo of very large spider ahead.....

very large house spider

I should add that the clock you can see at the edge of the photo is a large wall clock in our bedroom.  This wasn't a spider this was an escapee from a monster movie :)

I genuinely believe every one of God's creatures have their place but also that a spiders place shouldn't really be too close to me please :) So I did what I usually do in such a crisis, I poked hubby & pointed in direction of visitor :)

Hubby, who has to be the sweetest man in the world since he was actually asleep at the time and it was barely 5am on a Sunday morning, said "ok honey" and went off downstairs to get a glass to catch our intruder & pop him outside.

Well, as it turns out what he actually needed was a large jar from my container collection in the kitchen <shudders> Spider was neatly popped into his new temporary home by brave hubby, who is never phased by such things, then gently & safely released at the bottom of our garden.

While hubby did that, I fetched my long handled duster and cleaned the corner of the bedroom roof where there was a small web (for such a huge spider! hmmm..) with a couple of dead things! There is not enough ewwww in the world!! So, that was kind of brave.... for me, sort of .....

OK, so I admit it, I'm a real wuss when it comes to such things, but I can't bear wee things being hurt either and hubby bless his wee cotton socks loves me enough to understand & put up with me :) He doesn't just do this for spiders but also for any flying wotnots like those enormous moth type things that fly in through the bedroom window and flutter about.

So honeys, have you seen any monster movie escapees in your home? Are you braver than me or do you too hide in the hallway till someone evicts any intruders? Tell me that I'm not the biggest wuss in the world :)  Have a wonderful week dear ones, till next time, your still slightly shaky Rosie xx

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