Monday, 21 July 2014

Jane Asher Bakeware & Asda Homeware Bargains

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post or to promote these products.

Hi honeys,
Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend.  I'm still a little drained from two late shifts at work but wanted to post today because I found some little bargains & wanted to share in case anyone wanted to dash to Poundland or Asda to snap up similar little gems before they're gone :)

The bulk of this post is made up of a few more purchases from the fabulous Jane Asher Range currently available from Poundland.  You can see the other items previously bought in this post.  There are also, as I said, a few lovely little home making purchases from our local Asda.

First up though, a few more of the lovely Jane Asher bakeware items.......

 Firstly, I should say that I've been genuinely impressed with the products I've used in this range. They're great quality, very user friendly, even if like me you have joint problems. There are good, easy to grip handles on most of the utensils.  Also I love how the whole range looks. Such pretty pastel shades. I can't help it honeys, I can't resist pastels, love them :)

So, onto our latest Jane Asher joys :) First up is a flat baking sheet.

This is part of a range of baking trays available in this range. Good quality item, decent weight, so sturdy enough to last I think. I'm really pleased with this and really for £1 it's a bargain.

Next is something that made me stupidly happy by their sheer prettiness :) A woman shouldn't smile because of silicone cases but this one did :) I can't help it! Look how pretty they are....

I picked the baby blue & apple green ones (not the only colours available) just because I loved the colours, they're so pretty and will actually save me money because, being silicone they are re-useable and will save me from buying so many paper cases.

As with each of the products in this range they have recipes from Jane included as part of their packaging and the silicone cases have a recipe for fairy cakes. They made me smile and I look forward to using them :)

Also silicone, although not completely made of silicone unfortunately, instead they have a silicone coating over paper cases, are these loaf tin liners.

I bought a pack of these among my last purchases and loved them so much I've bought another two packs to stock up my baking cupboard :) They really are that good. Fabulous product, love using them.

A kitchen timer isn't something I usually bother with even when baking... I know I know! but I'm more of an open the oven door and have a look kinda girl :) Seeing this though....

I just had to have one. Isn't it adorable? So, no more repeatedly opening & closing of the oven door and maybe my baking might improve too, although hubby loves my baking & that's all that matters :)

Speaking of baking, I saw this pack of two little sieves in the prettiest pink.....

 I do have two larger sieves which, although great for sifting flour are no good for drifting icing sugar delicately across the tops of sponges & dainty cupcakes. These will be perfect. I love this shade of pretty pastel pink too, makes my kitchen look ... well me :)

While shopping in Asda on Saturday I found a couple of little home making bargains in their sale that made me smile too. I saw this pretty little house paperweight......

Isn't it cute? They've been reduced to only £1 & are made from a lovely soft cotton.  It'll look just adorable on my desk in our living room. I don't know whether it'll spend any of its time pinning down papers but it'll certainly make me smile :)

Asda also have these sweet little blue "laugh" frames ........

They've been reduced from £2 to just 50p so I brought home two of them. Not sure what to put in them yet but I'm thinking maybe a couple of photos of our furbaby Jade who has the most beautiful smile :)

Isn't she a sweetheart?  Any excuse to display more photos of her, she makes me smile every single day :)

So last item then is also from Asda and I'm quite pleased with this one.  I'm sorry about the photo (I'm still new at this) it's also still in its cellophane wrapping until hubby gets around to hanging it for me :)


This was in the clearance section upstairs in George and was half price, having been reduced from £8 to £4.  I like the frame around this chalkboard, it has a little ledge to sit chalk on and three useful double hooks, which could be used to hang keys, Jade's lead & harness for her walkies, umbrellas, any number of things :) It will be really useful for scribbling down notes and will look great in our hallway.

So, that's it honeys. My little shopping spree didn't cost a lot (who has lots of spare money these days?) but each little item will find a home, be useful & make me smile.  Have you found any good bargains lately? If so, do share, I'd love to hear about them.  Well, the sun is shining outside and I think I'll go pop in a load of laundry and make the most of the sunshine :)

Till next time honeys, keep smiling & enjoy the sunshine, sending mountains of hugs xx


  1. I love the timer! I don't bake, but those Jane Asher items are lovely. x x

    1. Hi Leah :)
      I'm usually not at all impressed by celebrity tie in products but these are just so pretty. Definitely great quality too so far, everything I've tried anyway :) I loved your new blog post this morning, it made me cry, but in a good way. It's wonderful, have shared, hope that's ok. Thank you for visiting, sending heaps of hugs xx