Friday, 18 July 2014

Time Management & To Do Lists With Free Printable!

Hello Honeys,
Hope you're having fun in this beautiful weather we're having :)

So, this week, while dashing about as usual trying to stay caught up with everything, my thoughts turned to time management. This really is a weakness with me. I always seem to have too much to do & not nearly enough time to do it all in. It can be stressful & just makes life more difficult than it has to be.

I've found a way of combating the stress, and of getting more done too, is to plan everything ahead.  I know this sounds so obvious, but it really has helped me. I've developed a huge love for notebooks, which I seem to have everywhere, for instance one in the kitchen devoted to favourite recipes I've tried, and want to add to our regular rotation of dinners, one in my handbag for notes to myself, things to remember, Doctors appointments etc.

As a sort of "one stop" visual reminder I decided to make a little "to do this week" printable to maybe hang in the hall or kitchen, I haven't decided yet and am waiting till hubby puts together our little shelf unit we bought for our teeny tiny mudroom to decide if it should go out there. Idea being that we'll see it before leaving the house & it'll remind us to do/buy/deal with something that day. So honeys, I thought I'd share the printable I made :) It looks like this.....

Time Management To Do List

It's sized at 8 x 10 inches or you could use the "print to fit" setting on your printer to fit A4 paper.  I plan on putting ours into a frame, but you could also laminate it. Once framed or laminated, it becomes a re-useable planner for the coming week. Simply write on the glass or laminated surface with a white board marker, which can easily be wiped off again with a microfiber cloth.

Frames can be found really cheaply in pound/dollar stores,  maybe treat it as a craft project? adapting the frame, adding embellishments etc to personalise?

You can download the printable here honeys, all I ask is that you download it for personal use only, so no Etsy use please.  I hope that you like it and that you'll have a fabulous weekend. Do be careful if out in the sun, it's supposed to be very hot this weekend, remember your sunscreen & drink lots of water.  Till next time, sending heaps of hugs dear ones xx

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