Friday, 17 June 2016

Unseen Gems From The Ideal Home Show

I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share some unseen pics from our recent trip x

Hi Honeys
I hope you're well and have had a fabulous week.  I'm sorry I've been a little quiet lately, I've been feeling terribly drained for a while now.  As all spoonies know some days are more difficult than others but enough of me being a moanie minnie :)

I thought today I'd share some of the photos I took at the Ideal Home Show recently that hadn't been included in my previous posts.    
Ideal Home Show 2016
There was so much to see this year, the first time we'd attended, and I took so many photos there was just no way to include them all in one (or two) posts :)

Let's have a look then at some unseen (till now) gems (hopefully) from this year's Ideal Home Show shall we?  
As with our trips to Ikea (my happy place :) what I look forward to most are the room sets.  Displays which show countless possibilities and offer endless inspiration for rooms in our own homes.  The Ideal Home Show had some beautiful displays including beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and of course bedrooms...  
Bedroom display with Glasgow landmark window art
This lovely room set displayed it's featured mattress well, who wouldn't be drawn to those fabulous cushions with matching velvet ottoman?  I couldn't help smile though when I noticed the "windows" which show Glasgow landmarks.  A perfect touch making a lovely connection with the exhibition's location.

Another "bedroom" to catch my eye was this one...
Crushed velvet bed & ottoman with mirrored dressers and sidetables
The crushed velvet bed, and matching ottoman, add such a luxurious feel especially when combined with the mirrored dressers and side tables.  I haven't even said anything about those lamps! Just beautiful!

Just to the side of the ottoman there was a matching armchair...
Crushed velvet armchair
Every girl needs a chair in her bedroom to sit down and put on her shoes, why shouldn't it be a gorgeous chair upholstered in ever so soft crushed velvet?  So pretty :)

Another bedroom display, which Hubby said he thought was far more masculine than the mirrored dressers and velvet upholstery of the previous display was this one...
Beautiful wooden bedroom display
He even said he didn't mind the bedding with it's satin look cushions.  This set really was beautiful honeys I loved it too.  I do like the idea of an ottoman at the foot of the bed although in our home that's where our furbaby Jade has her bed, so... nope :)

Sitting by the side of the dressing table in this display was the most stunning piece of art we saw that day (and we saw a whole lot)...
Bronzed figure
Isn't he beautiful honeys? I tried to take more photos but this display was on a corner of the hall and I kept being bumped into (how rude) or other attendees would walk straight through my shot (again how rude) Oh well...

In addition to seeing so many stunning room displays we saw so many individual pieces which were just fabulous.  I have to admit this lamp in the shape of a vintage camera made me pause for quite a while...
Lamp in the shape of a vintage camera
It's so beautiful and I can imagine it being a talking point no matter which room it was placed in.

Another beauty was this freestanding metal piece...
Love this! It's just stunning and would be a fantastic "finishing touch" to a room.

The exhibition had so many booths with wall art. There were paintings, framed prints and wallpaper murals as well as these dazzling pieces in glass...
Wall art in glass

Hubby and I both loved these designer radiators...
Designer radiators from Agadon
We even agreed on a favourite, the beautiful blue patterned radiator on the right, but it certainly wouldn't fit in our teeny tiny bathroom :)  Radiators have come a long way honeys.  They're no longer just practical items to make our bathrooms less chilly now they can be works of art too.

I'm not a huge fan of too much sparkle or "bling" although a little bling can be nice :)  I couldn't not take a photo of this display though...
Sparkle coated accessories
I found this display a little overwhelming (although since space must be an issue at these events I can understand why they're grouped together like this.  Individually though I can imagine loving any of these beautiful glittery pieces.  Wouldn't that console table make a perfect place to display treasured items on?

Have you ever heard of an iBeani honeys?  I hadn't until we saw these at the exhibition...
iBeanie tablet stands
What a wonderful idea! Hubby and I both have a little plastic stand for our tablets but I have to admit to liking the idea of these perfect miniature bean bags or iBeani. I'm sure they'd make adorable desk accessories :)

Well honeys, I have to go get things organized for work today, thank you for keeping me company, it means more than you know x  Have you ever been to the Ideal Home Show?  Hubby and I had a great time at this year's.  Any thoughts on the items in these photos?  Why not share in the comments section below?

If you missed my other posts from this year's show you can see the first post here honeys and the second post, which included the garden shed in the shape of a Hobbit hut, here :)  Till next time dear ones, have a wonderful weekend, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx


  1. I LOVE the crushed velvet bed and furniture (swoon!) as well as the glitter radiator. So many lovely things! Have a great weekend. xxx

    1. Sorry honey! I missed your comment xx I know what you mean though, I hovered far too long by that gorgeous velvet bedroom set! together with the mirrored dressers it was just a dream come true! Thank you for dropping by and I'm sorry I've taken so long to reply! Huggles always xxx PS: I love, love LOVE that polka dot dress! xx