Thursday, 23 June 2016

OK, So I'm A Nerd Now About That New Thor Collectable..

Hi Honeys
I hope you're well and having a fabulous day.  ooooooo I'm excited! This will probably seem very silly to anyone who isn't a confirmed (and proud) scifi nerd like me but while shopping I spotted the lastest issue in a new partwork...
Issue 4 of Marvel Movie Collection
The new partwork is called Marvel Movie Collection and the issue I spotted was issue four. Included is a full colour magazine, with interviews and behind the scenes snippets on Thor: The dark World, as well as a hand painted figurine of Thor himself.  Let's have a look shall we?

The magazine and figure are packaged in a transparent plastic bag ...
Marvel Movie Collection Packaging
Once out of the plastic bag we have the aforementioned magazine and a box with inner moulded packaging to protect the figure...

Thor figure in packaging
Inside the box is of course Thor himself as well as a numbered certificate which matches the number stamped on the under side of the figure's base...
Hand painted Thor figure with numbered certificate
 The figures are, according to the official website, 1:16 scale ...  
Marvel Movie Collection Magazine & Figure
The magazine is pretty good I thought (as did Hubby) there is an interview with Chris Hemsworth, as well as information (such as box office etc) photos and behind the scenes items about the Thor: The Dark World movie.  The figure is certainly detailed...
Thor Figure
 I think he'll look great on either the shelf above my desk or on the Ribba shelf upstairs in our master bedroom where my beloved Loki frame lives.  Loki was a gift from a friend, she made it herself so he means the world to me.

Wherever Thor ends up living though I'm hoping I can find the next issue so that he can have his brother Loki for company :)  The inside back page of the Thor magazine looks like this...
Loki figure in next issue
Yep, the next figure is the God of mischief himself, Loki :)  Later in this series there is also a Malekith figure too and having been a huge fan of Mr Eccleston (who played Malekith in the movie) for many, many years (think early 1990s honeys, I once even dragged a friend to the cinema to see Shallow Grave just to see him... sorry Miriam! I still love that movie you know, even tho you spent most of the film trying to hide behind my cardigan.. sorry angel x) well, you can bet I'll try to find the Malekith figure too :)  

This really does seem like a fabulous collection for the Marvel fan honeys.  Will I be collecting any of the other figurines in the series (other than the three mentioned above of course) no, I really don't think I will.

Not because they don't make my inner nerd smile (because they do) but because we're trying to declutter our home and anything we bring in really does have to make us smile an extra huge lot in order to win a space in our still too cluttered home.

What about you honeys?  Any thoughts?  Are you a life long nerd like me? Do you spend your time waiting (not so) patiently for the next Marvel release?  I hope you're having a wonderful day, full of smiles and hugs, here's a huge hug from me too ((((huggles)))) Till next time dear ones xx


  1. He is very detailed! I'm not really a comic book fan, although I like the films, but I have considered collecting the Pop figures by Funko as they're so cute! Have a great weekend. xxx

    1. Those Funko figures really are adorable! I saw a tiny Hiddleston Funko figure from Crimson Peak and thought how can such a wee cutie be based on a properly gothic horror film? Way too adorable :) I loved comic books when I was younger but now it's just the movies for me too honey :) I was so ridiculously excited about this Thor figure! After promising myself no more buying tat to clutter up the already too cluttered house! I put him back down on the shelf in the shop and walked away, then came back, then walked away again and then thought oh sod it! I've had a bad week I need cheering up :) Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants :) Thank you for visiting honey, it means more than I can tell you, have a fab weekend dear wee friend, huggles xxx