Monday, 6 June 2016

A Little Glimpse Of Ikea's New VIKTIGT Range

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to write this post or to recommend any items, I just wanted to share a beautiful collection I spent far too long browsing around on our latest Ikea visit :)

Hi Honeys
I'm sorry I've been a little quiet.  Hubby and I have both booked vacation time this week to have another run at tackling our out of control clutter in general (and a stuffed to bursting utility cupboard and our front bedroom AKA home office/Hubby's man cave in particular :)

We spent all day yesterday emptying the cupboard (good grief what a job that was!) and today will be spent sorting and organizing whatever is kept from the mountain of clutter now littering our kitchen. I'll share the results soon including some before and after photos :)

On to today then honeys, I thought we'd take a look at the beautiful new limited edition range from Ikea called Viktigt.
VIKTIGT Collection From Ikea

You might remember the stunning Giltig Collection from our last Ikea visit?  It's position in-store has been completely transformed. The space housing the vivid primary colours of the Giltig Collection giving way to the more natural tones of the beautiful Viktigt pieces.

Let's have a closer look shall me honeys?

The Viktigt collection is so beautiful and very soothing to be around.  Each piece included in the collection, from the dishes and glassware to the chairs, stools, sofa and rugs is handmade, meaning of course that no two pieces are exactly alike. VIKTIG Collection in natural fibres
Items are crafted from natural materials including bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, banana fibres, and seagrass.

Ikea VIKTIGT Collection chairs

In addition to furniture the collection includes a variety of baskets and containers sure to be a joy to use around the home.
Ikea VIKTIGT Collection bamboo baskets & dishes

Everyone wants their home to be organized and what better way to organize items than by using beautiful containers made of natural materials such as bamboo or seagrass.
Ikea VIKTIGT Collection beautiful containers
Items in this collection aren't just beautiful though they're also very practical.  I'm sure laundry day wouldn't be such a chore using these pretty, oblong bamboo laundry baskets and I can easily see warm, fluffy throws being stored by the sofa in these lovely tall circular baskets too.
Ikea VIKTIGT Collection Baskets
If you're a fan of baskets, and I so am :) There are so many in this collection to choose from, including these fabulous baskets made from water hyacinth....
VIKTIGT Water Hyacinth Basket Collection
 Among my personal favourites were these delicate, bamboo pendant shades....
Ikea VIKTIGT Bamboo Pendant Shades
 This gorgeous chair made of rattan...
Ikea VIKTIGT chair made of rattan

The glassware included in the Viktigt range includes plates, bowls, glasses, bottles, jugs and carafes...
Ikea Viktigt Glassware

The Viktigt glassware is also available in glazed black and white versions too....
Ikea Viktigt Handmade Glassware

These chairs, in (left) rattan and (right) bamboo are just beautiful...
Ikea Viktigt Chairs in Bamboo and Rattan

While these small cases, in bamboo, would be equally at home in the office, used to store pens, paperclips or even your glasses, or at home storing small items of jewellery...

Viktigt Bamboo Cases

I really did enjoy wandering through this collection on our visit to Ikea, I hope you've enjoyed seeing it too honeys.
Ikea Viktigt Collection
You can see an introduction to the Viktigt collection here and see a list of the individual pieces here.  As with the Giltig Collection, this will only be available for a limited time.

Thank you for keeping me company dear ones, till next time, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always, Rosie xx

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