Saturday, 18 June 2016

Rosebuds! We Have Rosebuds!!

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a happy, fabulous weekend x  I'm ridiculously excited!  I'm getting ready to dash to work but I wanted to share what I found in the garden this morning :)
We have rosebuds
 This morning I was outside in our tiny front garden and we finally have roses!!

So pretty! As if that wasn't enough to have me smiling all day honeys, there was also the happiest surprise too!!  I can't wait to share it with you...
First though, on Gramma's rose bush this beauty has appeared...
First Rose
Perfect!! So worth waiting for too.

Meanwhile, very nearby (the far left hand side of the above photo in fact) we have these two beautiful roses-to-be...
Roses about to bud
 I was so happy I was fit to burst honeys and then I noticed something else.  Do you remember the tiny rose bush we planted in honour of my dear Mother in Law?  It was only planted this Spring, a week after Mothers day and already... well, this has happened...
Mum's rosebuds
Three perfect, tiny, rosebuds!! Can you see them all?  There is one directly in front of the tallest tiny bud.  I actually squealed when I saw them!! I didn't expect roses from Mum's tiny rosebush this year at all so I'm beyond thrilled!!  I can't wait to see the teeny tiny roses grow and bloom and when they do I'll share honeys x

If you'd like to, you can see Grammas roses in gorgeous bloom from last Summer here and from the Summer before here and there are printables to download too, enjoy x

Well, I have to dash to work but I'll be smiling all afternoon, I so hope you have heaps of smiles all day too x   What's making you smile this weekend?  Till next time dear ones, keep smiling and never miss a chance to hug, huggles always xx

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