Thursday, 30 June 2016

Loki & Thor: Together Again... At Least On Our Bookcase...

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a great week and looking forward to the weekend  :)

Do you remember my getting all fangirly over a Thor figure recently?  Well, my wonderful Hubby came home from work last night with a surprise...

Thor & Loki Figures From Marvel
He brought me home Loki honeys :) Yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Such a silly thing to be so happy about I know but I can't help it :) I know that Loki will be the issue that's bound to be the most difficult to find and I wasn't sure I would be able to find a copy and there Hubby goes and brings him home for me :)

Like the Thor issue, Loki is packaged in a large see through plastic bag with the magazine having a piece of card in the middle to prevent it from bending and the figure safely packaged in moulded plastic inside a card sleeve.
Marvel Movie Collection Loki
Unfortunately, as you can see in the image above there was a printing error and there is a white mark on the magazine cover, on Hiddles face of all places! How could they! :) Hubby offered to take it back to the shop to see if they are all like that (bless him! Thank you sweetheart x) but to be honest it's not so bad as to spoil the magazine and the magazine is chock full of full colour photos inside, more than enough for any Hiddles fan so it's fine.  Let's have a closer look at the Loki figure shall we?

As you can see honeys, it's as good a quality as the Thor figure was.  Best thing is I can now put Loki on a shelf alongside Thor.  Hopefully they won't argue too much :) They make a pretty cool pair don't you think?
Marvel Hand Painted Loki & Thor
For some odd reason they've decided to mould the Loki figure with his face looking downwards but that's the only thing I can find to be nit picky about with this really very cool figure.

Like Thor, he's very detailed and given that this set of figures are hand painted they're pretty fabulous I think :)  Loki also came packaged with a numbered certificate which matches the number printed on the underside of the base the figure stands on.
Loki with numbered certificate
So, there we have it honeys, Loki & Thor together again.... even if it's only on a shelf in our home :)  
Loki & Thor figures from the Marvel Movie Collection
I still haven't decided where, and on which shelf,  they're going to live yet.  I'm thinking about the Ikea shelf above the bed in our master bedroom because that's where my little Lego Loki already lives :)

Flipping through the magazine I reached the inner back page and was faced with this...
Next issue has Samuel L Jackson!
I mean, seriously! The publishers of this magazine are plain evil!  They're trying to make me collect these figures honeys! It's Samuel L Jackson!  Arrrrrgggg!!  We're trying to declutter our home and not collect any new things but it's Samuel L Jackson! I love this man!  He won't be available for two weeks so I guess I'll mull it over and decide then but it's a perfect little Nick Fury figure and did I mention it's Samuel L Jackson? :)

Lol there's just no hope for me :)  Also these magazine & figure packs are £12.99 each so they're not exactly cheap and I promised myself I'd be good and I'd buy Thor, Loki and then wait for Malekith (Christopher Eccleston's character in Thor: The Dark World) and then they go and spring a Nick Fury figure on me.....  Repeat after me Rosie "I will not fill our home with Marvel figures..." :)

Has anyone else bought any of these fabulous figures?  Any fellow nerds out there?  Can we just talk about how Samuel L Jackson is just the coolest man in the entire world.... well next to Hubby of course, who spent his lunch break searching out a Loki for me :)

Til next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xx

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