Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rosie's Oasis Of Calm - The Work Continues..And About Those Reindeer!

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a fabulous weekend and that your Sunday is calm and restful.

Today Hubby and I are working on our guest room again. De-cluttering & downsizing with the aim of turning it into a dressing room & craft room for me. How awesome is my Hubby, bless him. 

So, in my last post I shared a few things I'd bought for our home and among them was a make up organizer which now has pride of place on what will be my dressing table.

Above the new dressing table Hubby has put up two glass shelves for me to display my mini mannequins.  I've had these for so many years and I love them, so of course I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my new dressing room. Now I can see them as I walk into the room and oh my do they make me smile honeys :)

Rosie's Oasis of Calm: Things that make me smile and about that reindeer...

The photo above shows the two glass shelves.  Above the glass shelves is a chrome deer head, which was a gift from a very dear friend.  On the face of it, this would be a strange thing to find in the home of someone who is so opposed to hunting of any kind. I'll explain and then you'll see why this little deer head too warms my heart whenever I see it 😊

Many (many) years ago while at College, we, our little group, had the idea of wearing reindeer antlers all through the final week of term leading to the Christmas holidays. I mean all the time. We'd be sitting in the library, a table of ladies wearing huge foam filled, bell adorned antlers, and when inevitably someone came in and looked in the direction of our table in a "what the..." fashion, they'd be met with smiles and a "what's up? Have we got horns on our heads?" comment 😊 We'd be sitting in the College lunchroom, a table of jingling antlers 😊

Every morning I walked around to the bus stop wearing my antlers and even had a bus pass for that week made with a photo of me smiling at the camera, wearing my antlers 😊  I made a couple of bus drivers on Scottish public transport laugh that week, and that was a bonus, it's always good to be the reason someone else smiles.

So, this having been the first year of our course, we thereafter earned ourselves the nickname of  "The Reindeer."  Dotted around our home you will see the occasional reindeer motif 😊  College was a very happy time for me, possibly the last time I was ever truly happy & without care so these little memories are beyond precious to me.  My darling friend who bought me the chrome reindeer head, is also one of those reindeer 😊  We kept each other going through that course all those years ago, we were a continual "cheer squad" for each other both then and now and she means the whole world to me. Love you sweetheart x

So, back to those glass shelves then dear ones.  Sitting on them you can see mini fashion mannequins. On the top shelf we have.....

Rosie's Oasis of Calm: Things that make me smile and about that reindeer...

I have to admit that my favourite of this group has always been the one sitting second from the left of the photo. This outfit I would so love to wear and I love that this mannequin is holding a rose.

Directly underneath, on the second shelf, are my absolute favourites.  The corsets & bustles would be so worthwhile just to get to wear these beautiful dresses don't you think honeys?

Rosie's Oasis of Calm: Things that make me smile and about that reindeer...

In the middle is a beautiful trinket box, with a crystal handbag on top. This was a gift on my birthday last year from another dear friend, I think of her each time I see it and it so makes me smile.

Do you remember I'd said I wanted this room to be a little oasis of calm honeys, it's filling slowly with so many tiny smiles, so many lovely memories, that I really do think that eventually it will be one of my favourite rooms in our home.  

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday dear ones, stay warm and safe. Till next time, hugs always xx

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