Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rosie's Little Homeware Haul

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, these are just some little bargains I found while shopping and I wanted to share.

Hello honeys
I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend. We reached the dizzy heights of 5 degrees today! Practically tropical :) 

So, I'm still recovering from my trip to the hospital yesterday. I was there to attend my regular at the Rheumatology clinic. I met a new Doctor there who was just lovely, so friendly and very sweet. As always though, in spite of yesterday being a really good day (fellow spoonies will know what I mean by that, and I so wish I could make it go away for you dear ones, it's a lousy way to live) I knew then, as I always do, that today wouldn't be a good day at all. 

Even if, as I did yesterday, you have a sweet, kind & gentle doctor examining you, the squeezing, pressing & bending of joints always causes pain later. Then there is the sheer exhaustion of having gone out to deal with. This honeys is why I am mostly what a friend at work called a "hoose moose"  that's "house mouse" said with a Scots accent :)

So, today I planned to write this post and here I am burning the midnight oil to get it written. I'm nothing if not a determined wee soul :)

So, I bought a few things and wanted to share. The first item I saw mentioned on twitter by the lovely Brogan, if you haven't read her blog, then you so should, you can find Brogan's blog here  Well, Brogan tweeted that Home Bargains had these wonderful make up organizers....

 Transparent Make Up Organizer Packaging
It's so pretty, made of clear acrylic and separated into lots of individual sections perfect for holding lipsticks, nail polishes etc.  As you know honeys I'm currently working on setting up our guest room as a craft & dressing room, complete with a book nook. In other words,  my own little sanctuary of calm :)  I just knew this organizer would be  perfect to sit on what will be my dressing table. Isn't it pretty?

Clear Make Up Organizer

I really do like this organizer. It holds such a lot too, as you can see..... 

Make Up Organizer With Contents

The best thing about it though is it's price. It's only £4.99! Such a bargain and it's already sitting on my dressing table being useful. Thank you so much to Brogan for her tweet. Now if I can just get the rest of the room to look as pretty as my dressing table :)  

While in Home Bargains I also saw an amazing glass worktop saver. Another bargain at £1.99 and I just had to bring it home because it spoke to me :) I'm from a generation who used to make "mix tapes" for our friends & boy friends... aw happy memories :) So, when I saw this...

Cassette Design Glass Worktop Saver

I knew I had to take it home, and that Hubby would love it too and he so does.  It's a sure sign you're getting old when items that feature heavily in your memories are now considered "retro." :)

On the subject of all things retro, again in Home Bargains I saw this beautiful storage tin set with a camper van design......   

Camper Van Storage Tin Set And Matching Mug

I live with a Camper Van fan. Hubby adores them. So, seeing these cute tins and the matching mug, it was obvious they had to come home with me :) The storage tins were £1.99 and Hubby's mug was a mere 99p.

Following the Camper Van theme, Home Bargains also had this coir door mat.  It's designed to sit by the front door or maybe in the mud room or entrance hall but this one will be at home as part of the décor of Hubby's home office/den/man cave. Another bargain at £3.99 honeys and also available in red.

VW Camper Van Design Coir Door Mat
Do you remember the Jane Asher range of baking goods & kitchen items honeys? I blogged about them here and again here. Passing Poundland I went in to buy some batteries for our TV remote and saw some new items, well new to me, from the range.  

I love these tiny individual serving casserole dishes with lids. They're made of a heavy ceramic and as with the rest of the range, are available in blue, green and pink.  I also bought a roll of the Jane Asher range baking parchment.  I haven't tried it yet but I do have lots of the baking tin liners from the same range so I know it will be great quality.

Jane Asher Range Mini Casserole Dishes

Again from the Jane Asher range are these adorable chocolate moulds. I adore cooking with silicone. Its so easy to use and washes well too. I haven't tried making my own chocolates before but will definitely try now I have these moulds.  

Jane Asher Silicone Chocolate Moulds
My last purchase (on this visit anyway) from the Jane Asher range wasn't actually bought for our kitchen. It was a set of these handy scissors for my new craft room. I love the colour, the design on the larger set, and the handles are comfortable to use. Not always the case with scissors and arthritic hands.   

Jane Asher Range Scissors
The whole Jane Asher range is such great quality, so finding it at Poundland is pretty amazing. It's definitely worth popping in if you're passing honeys.  

I adore vintage. Being slightly vintage myself I suppose that's understandable really :) I really do love vintage fashion and design. I've always said I was born too late.  I even have a Pinterest board devoted to all thing vintage so you can imagine how pleased I was when I saw these gorgeous vintage design inspired glass Kellogs bowls.  I saw them in Poundworld and they're now living happily in our kitchen :) Even seeing them makes me feel happy :) 

Vintage Design Glass Bowls

With my love of roses you can imagine how pleased I was to see this lovely aluminium case wallet, designed to store & organize cards.  It's such a pretty case and might possibly make a practical & attractive business card holder.  I saw it in Poundworld and it had to come home with me :) 

Vintage Roses Wallet And Tape Measure
The pretty floral patterned tape measure in the above photos is another purchase from Home Bargains. It cost less than a pound but I just had to have one for my crafting room. It made me smile and when sewing who doesn't need an extra tape measure especially one this adorable.  

Humble Vintage Measuring Tape

So, that's been my shopping spree, the first in a very long time actually. What do you think honeys? I'd love to hear your thoughts & comments. Till next time dear ones, please stay warm and safe. As always, sending heaps of hugs xx

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