Friday, 27 February 2015

Rosie's Oasis Of Calm - Wall Storage & Closet Preview...

Hi honeys,
I'm sorry I've been gone so long, changes in weather have not been too kind to me, & I haven't been coping terribly well.  Just keeping up with work has been a real challenge, I'm sure fellow spoonies will understand. I feel awful for neglecting this little blog (and you dear ones) for so long, so I thought I'd share an update on my craft & dressing room.  Thanks to my dear Hubby, work continues on it.

  Dressing Room Ikea Mulig Bar

Last Sunday, which is the only day we have off work at the same time, Hubby & I set off to Ikea. Now normally a trip to Ikea makes me as happy as can be, but the shop was insanely busy & noisy and... well thank goodness we had a shopping list printed out and knew exactly which items we were there to pick up because I was no sooner in the store than I wanted to run away! I'm so grateful Hubby was with me too, I suffer from anxiety and oh my did it kick in with the crowds & noise everywhere :/  We had gone for a few items to allow us to carry on work at home and I promise you'll see the things we bought as they're used for upcoming projects.

So, back to Ikea then. One of the items on our list was the Mulig hanging bar, a wonderful & very strong metal bar which can be fixed just about anywhere and used as additional storage.  This was bought specifically for the room which will be my little craft & dressing room.  I asked Hubby if he'd put this on the wall slightly along from my sewing table.  As you can see, bless him, he did :) 

Dressing & Craft Room Mulig Bar & Shelf
Above the hanging rail, he installed a white shelf for additional storage.  Do you remember the shelves Hubby installed in our kitchen makeover honeys? This white shelf is from the same range at Argos and I just love them.

I usually have a floor standing hanging rail in this room, which I use to store Hubby's freshly laundered & ironed work shirts (he works in an office and dresses formally) as well as my work uniform. It saves room in our wardrobes in the bedroom if we keep our work shirts separately on a rail, and also makes it so much easier really for me to just have one place to take my ironing.  

When planning my new craft & dressing room on paper I'd said to Hubby I like my system and wanted to incorporate it into the room. So, we made plans to replace the floor standing hanging rail that had been in use, with the wonderful Mulig rail. That having been done, I used it to hang Hubby's work shirts (and his latest absolutely favourite shirt, the gorgeous Hawaiian shirt which was a gift from very dear friends at Christmas, thank you honeys! xx.)

Dressing Room - Ikea Mulig Bar & Shelf Filled
The hanging rail has been put close to my sewing table because I also have plans to use it to hang future sewing projects :) I do have plans for the shelf but for the time being, until Hubby finishes work on the two door "reach in" closet in this room, I've used it to store some of my shoes & boots, which will eventually find their way into the closet when it's finished.  On the shelf is also a black hat box which I'm using to store two pretty silk scarves I've had for many years, and a beautiful vintage pearl evening clutch which was a graduation gift. They are among items I consider treasures.

I have to dash to work right now but before I go, I thought I'd leave you with a "before" photo of the closet.  This is Hubby's next job, probably this weekend.  As you can see, it needs a lot of work.    

Closet Before Plans
I'm so looking forward to seeing how it looks when it's finished honeys :)  As you can see there are water pipes that need to be "boxed in" and then the walls of the closet will be wallpapered.  This room is definitely proving to be a challenge but it will be a much loved (and used) room when it's finished. I'm a very lucky lady to have such a sweet Hubby willing to work so hard to create a little oasis of calm for me.

Have a fabulous weekend dear ones, till next time, sending heaps of hugs xx 


  1. That hanging rail is genius! I need one. xx

    1. Hi Leah! It's such a great product, it's metal, so hopefully will last a good while, it's extendable so can be made to fit different areas and really inexpensive too. I think it was about £4.50 I so love Ikea :) I just wish it was nearer to us. It's nearly Spring honey! I'm ridiculously excited, I'm so fed up with Winter. Sending heaps of huggles xxx