Monday, 9 February 2015

Adorable Craft Storage - Craft Corner Organization Continues....

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share a bargain I'd spotted :)

Hello honeys
Back again with a quick post on the most perfect little storage jars! The minute I saw them (in our local Asda Homeware department) I knew they'd be ideal for my new craft corner.
Spice Jars Used As Craft Storage

 After a lifetime of filling our home with stuff, Hubby & I are determined to get organized! I started this blog as a way to keep track of our progress and as a way of looking back on what we've achieved in the event that we ever complete our (huge) task and end up with a completely organized (dream) home :)

In order to reach that future "organized to the nth degree" home we're dreaming of, we're trying to follow the old maxim that everything should have a place and once that place has been determined, everything should be placed there. Systems within systems seems to be the way to go.  For example, I'm setting up a craft corner but if I were to gather craft supplies from around our home and just dump them into the corner of (what will be) my little dressing/craft room, what I'd end up with is a heap of stuff, a mess I'd still have to dig through in order to find anything.

No no no! That just won't do. The home hubby and I are dreaming of is one where whatever we want to find or use we can walk to and pick up at a moments notice because it:
a) has a permanent home
b) it's there, waiting to be used or enjoyed

So, systems within systems it is.  In other words honeys, we're deciding on a purpose for each area of our home and once that area has been designated a purpose we're working on organizing it.  Setting up storage systems that divide and conquer whatever is kept once we (ruthlessly) purge.  Whatever items are going to be stored there will have a home to go to. 

The craft corner will primarily be home to my sewing machine. It makes sense therefore to keep all of the sewing accessories, fabrics etc in that corner. Well, if sewing things are going into this one organized space then why not also store knitting & crafting supplies here too?

Well quite! You can see though that without systems being set up before things start arriving from their former homes in various other locations, that I'd end up with the aforementioned mess of stuff.  So, with that in mind, my little corner was then planned out on paper. Next step was to set up places to store smaller items (like buttons) and, as always, I first of all "shopped our home" gathering anything that looked like it might be useful. 

Having decided to use a two tier cake tray sitting unused on a shelf in the kitchen,  I set about gathering smaller containers that could be placed on it.  I already had a round cardboard container from the "Messy Cow" range (nice name!)  I don't know if this range exists anymore, I collected quite a few pieces a while ago from Superdrug. This large round container held other smaller lidded containers already being used to store tape measures, dressmaking & safety pins and such, so I just removed the tubs, allowed them to continue their useful roles of corralling these little items and placed them, individually, onto the top level of the cake stand. This left me with their container, a useful larger round tub. This I put to use to store assorted lengths of ribbon.     

I also had two white plastic "lazy susan" units not currently being used in the kitchen, so decided to use one of them to sit the cake stand on.  The cake stand could then be rotated in order to easily reach containers at the back. Great I thought, that'll work, and so it does :) Unfortunately I am blessed with a bigger collection of buttons and beads than I had originally thought and originally considered using small zip lock bags but then on a shopping trip in our local Asda (Walmart) store I saw these....            

George At Home Spice Jars Used For Craft Storage
They are just perfect! They're intended to be used as spice jars but as soon as I saw them I thought beads & buttons! They have clip seal tops, so no more reaching for something, dropping it and having to gather lots of (tiny) bits. I drop things a lot unfortunately, not so much clumsiness (although that too) as it is a lack of feeling these days in my fingers. They also fit perfectly onto the lower level of my cake stand.

They're glass and I just love how they look. They are as close as tiny jars get to being adorable :) Another bonus is how much (or little) they cost. Normally priced at £2.50 for a pack of three jars, they are currently £1.50 on sale.  I would have happily paid full price for them actually, not only because I like them but also because they seem to be very good quality and should last a good while.  I've bought two sets of them and have, as you can see, set about immediately using them to coral beads and tiny buttons. 
George At Asda Spice Jars Used As Bead And Button Storage
My new craft corner will continue to evolve and change to accommodate items found during our great household purge of cupboards and unopened-since-our-last-move boxes, but for now it's making me so happy.  You can (only just) see the little jars on the lower level of the cake stand in the photo below. They've certainly earned their place there and I'm so glad I spotted them :) 

Organized Craft Corner
What do you think honeys?  Any ideas & suggestions for my little crafting area would be gratefully received. Have you found any little organizing products lately? Have you re-purposed anything? If so, do share?  

Till next time dear ones, I hope you've had a great weekend and that you're enjoying a wonderful Monday. As always, sending heaps of hugs xx 

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