Thursday, 5 February 2015

An Unexpected Smile Today :)

Hello honeys
I hope everyone is well and staying warm.  A lovely thing happened to make me smile and I wanted to share :)

Standing at the back door, watching our furbaby Jade wander around the back garden I noticed movement. Just at the corner of my eye. Glancing over I saw a beautiful tiny little Robin Red Breast and grabbed my camera and managed to catch him before he flew away again.....
Our Garden Visitor A Tiny Robin Red Breast

I can't begin to tell you how much seeing this dear wee visitor made me smile :) It was a surprise, and the first tiny robin I've seen this year.  I'm so glad I managed to snap a photo.  I just wish it had been better quality. The photograph not the baby robin :) As you can see, the photo could have been much clearer, but I only had a moment before our tiny visitor flew away, so I feel blessed to have a photo at all.

Robin Red Breast

I can remember seeing robins more often as a child than we do now.  They seem terribly rare now. I've had whole winters go by without seeing a single robin.

So, that's been my smile for the day honeys :) A tiny unexpected visitor stopping by to say hello :) I'm a great believer in counting my blessings and its true, sometimes the best things in life are free. Like catching sight of a beautiful wee feathered angel when you least expect it :)

Of course we all have smiles around us every day.  Mine are in the form of a wonderful husband and a furbaby who is, I swear, a smile on paws :) Even on my worst achey ouchie days, our furbaby Jade will hug up next to me and make me feel better :)  

Our Furbaby Jade
I hope that whatever you're doing today honeys, that you find an unexpected smile and that it makes you as happy as mine has. Till next time dear ones, stay warm & safe. Sending you heaps of hugs xx

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