Friday, 13 February 2015

Plug Mates! A Genius Idea!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote this product. They've helped me and I just wanted to share.

Hello honeys
Hope everyone is well and looking forward to Spring.  Today we're basking in a fabulous 7 degrees! OK I know that's not exactly tropical but oh my it feels wonderful compared to the sub zero temperatures we've been suffering for weeks. So, I've decided I'm going to consider this the start of Spring :) Also, I'm still counting down to the clocks rolling forward, for the record it's six weeks from this Saturday night/Sunday morning (since the clocks change at 2am) so yaaaaaaayy!!!

This post is about a tiny piece of plastic that has changed my life! Gosh! That's quite a statement but I swear it's true.  I have discovered plug mates. A wee strip of plastic that wraps around electrical plugs and suddenly .... the plug has a handle!

plug mates - help in using electrical plugs for arthritis sufferers

I have mobility issues which do make certain tasks more difficult. Electric plugs have for quite some time tasked me. Being able to unplug something is sometimes difficult because I am losing the sensation in the ends of my fingertips, so just plain getting a hold of them enough to easily pull them out of the wall can be so annoying at times.

The genius of these little plug adapters though is that they are NOT only for those like me who need a little help in getting to grips with plugs. They are just a fabulous idea because they also have space (as you can see in the above photo) to label what it is the plug leads to :)  How often have you wanted to unplug a certain item and after two or three tries finally find you've unplugged the right item.

They arrive as flat strips like this.....
Plug Mates

My pack had four of these useful little strips & I got them from my local Betterware agent, although I've discovered they're available at Amazon too.  I'm definitely going to order some more honeys because they'll be so useful in the kitchen. The ones I have presently are going to be used in our living room.  It will be so much easier to tell which plug goes to the TV, the DVD player and SKY box.

I have one on the power cable for my laptop which is already making it so, so much easier to unplug it and move it from room to room. I honestly can't say enough good things about these amazing little plastic strips. I'm so happy I discovered them. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend honeys. Stay warm though, as the old saying goes "ne'er cast a clout tae May's out!"  It might be warmer but not warm enough for T shirts yet unfortunately.  Did anyone else have a sweet, kind, wonderful female relative who would ask at very inopportune moments (once in front of the Postman!) "are you wearin' yer thermal vest?" <blushes>  I miss her terribly honeys & she could shout from the rooftops about my thermals with my blessing if I could just have her back. If you're blessed to still have your Nan, please go hug her immediately, and at every opportunity.  It wil mean the world to her and some day to you too.

Till next time dear ones, heaps of hugs always xx

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