Thursday, 4 February 2016

Storm Damage - Repairs Update..

Hi Honeys
Well, it's been an eventful twenty four hours around here! Do you remember the mess Storm Gertrude made in our garden? Well,  Hubby, bless him, took the day off work yesterday because we'd ordered large posts to repair the damaged high fencing in the back garden and he'd had a text telling him they were due to be delivered yesterday afternoon.
Storm Damage - Repairs Update
So, first thing yesterday morning, as always, he and our furbaby Jade went for their walkies together and when they got back Jade hugged me on the sofa and Hubby had his breakfast.  Since the fence posts hadn't arrived yet Hubby set off to our Doctor's office to pick up my prescription and then went to have it filled at the chemist (thank you honey xx) When he got back he had a cup of tea and then headed off into the back garden to start clearing away the storm damage.

Since the fencing (and gate) towards the front of the house didn't need posts in order to be repaired, just new wooden strapping that went between the posts still standing (which Hubby already had), Hubby set about mending and re-building that part of the fence.  As you can imagine this was a whole lot of work :/ (thank you sweetheart, love you xx) and it took Hubby most of the afternoon to complete.  As you can see though he did a fabulous job, even replacing the gate which had been destroyed by the storm...
Storm Damage Repairs - Before & After
Goodness, don't those fence panels need another coat of their protective wood paint! Hubby said it's on his "to do" list in the Spring since he's planning on reducing the height of the fence by around two feet and each panel will be treated before it's put back into place.  It was a horrible year for rain last year and there have been months now of very rainy weather so our poor garden!  Oh dear :/

Anyway, with one large section of the fencing (and gate) repaired, Hubby needed the large fence posts to start work on the other fence section. With no sign of a delivery yet, around tea time (around five pm) I made a start on dinner.  Southern fried chicken and roast potatoes for Hubby and I and plain chicken fillets for Jade.  After dinner, still no post delivery :/

Long story short honeys, Hubby called B&Q to ask where our delivery was and was told the driver had been delayed.  Around an hour or so later Hubby got a call on his mobile (cell) phone from the delivery driver. He had in fact been held up and had reached the limit of his allowed driving time for the day.  Since my dear Brother in Law is a delivery driver we understood this and anyway it was by then too dark to do any more work in the garden anyway.

The driver promised he'd deliver as soon as he was able to today and good as his word he was here at a little after six thirty this morning :) This was fine though because Jade had already been for her walkies with Daddy and was sitting on the sofa with me watching the early news while Hubby was in the shower.  The driver was really sweet and very apologetic and I told him we understood it wasn't his fault.

Hubby has a great deal of work ahead of him again this weekend, bless him, and I'm so grateful to have a Hubby who never complains (seriously, never) and I've yet to find anything he can't do. Wallpapering (I used to be a wizz at that myself before the arthritis took over) painting, plumbing, tiling (he tiled our bathroom and kitchen himself) there just isn't anything he can't do! I am a very lucky wee Rosie and when I count my blessings, as I often do, Hubby is always first on my list :)

I hope you're staying warm honeys, and looking forward to a fun weekend.  Till next time dear ones, sending lots of stay warm, smiley huggles xx        


  1. Hello Rosie! So much work indeed. I am grateful for your sweet husband too. He sounds like a rock star. I hate what storms can do in a matter of seconds, while the after work can take weeks or months. Stay safe and warm Rosie oxoxo

    1. Hi Honey, I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to reply. The cold and damp weather caused a flare of my arthritis. This has been an awful spell of weather the world's had these past months. I always wonder how much of it is man made, caused by all of the scrap metal floating around in our atmosphere. Old satellites etc? Mankind really has been neglectful of this gorgeous world we were gifted with, so many species of animals almost extinct too. It breaks my heart.

      Hubby will be home this week. He's booked the week off work to finish mending the fence in the back garden (there are around 14 feet of fencing still to be mended) and also a few other chores around our home, such as putting up some shelves etc. He really is lovely Heather, never a complaint, bless him. Stay warm and safe ok? We had a snow warning this morning so I don't think Winter has entirely gone yet, but oh my won't it be wonderful when Spring finally arrives? Sending heaps of huggles always dear one xxx