Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fun With Yarn

Hi Honeys
You might remember from yesterday's post that we've been battling the elements here in our little corner of Scotland.  After the dreadful damage caused by Storm Gertrude, we went straight into Storm Henry and again spent last night being buffeted by eighty mile per hour winds.

Anxious to find some kind of escape from the disaster movie being played out in our back garden over the weekend, I decided I needed a distraction...
Fun With Yarn
Do you remember a recent post where I shared a new magazine partwork I'd bought honeys?  It was on knitting and supplied with issue one were the materials required to make the first two squares in a knitted blanket project.

Since the first issue was only 99p I had bought two copies because I'd had the idea of knitting two of each of the first squares and then doing this...

Rosies Knitted Squares
It's been far too long since I last knitted anything so my first attempts are not the most perfect examples by a long mile.  I did have fun knitting them though :)  These little squares were knitted by casting on twenty three stitches and knitting for forty eight rows before then casting off.

I'm going to work these four pieces together, they will then become the central large square of whatever this knitted project eventually becomes.  I'm hoping it will become a blanket. I would like to be able to have knitted a blanket. I could then share it with our furbaby Jade while watching TV on the sofa as we always do, or maybe as a pretty runner on the bottom of our bed :)  

Having knitted the first four squares, I've now started on the first of the larger squares which will surround the central four panel square.  This central panel which was knitted using the yarn/wool supplied with the partwork magazine, in silver grey and fuscia pink (according to their labels) although I have to say I'd say the fuscia yarn/wool was more either plum or burgandy :)

The larger squares will be double the size of the four smaller ones, so I've started by casting on forty six stitches and will knit ninety six rows before casting off.  As you can see, I've started the larger square in bright pastel pink...
Knitting squares
 I adore pastels :) I'm learning to adore knitting too.  Something that started this week as a way to ignore the howling winds and rain lashing off the windows has become very relaxing.   Knitting is yet another thing (and there are too many to count) I miss about my dear Mother in Law. She was an incredible knitter, there really was nothing she couldn't knit and she would write her own patterns, designing such intricate, beautiful designs.  I used to love to watch her knit.

I'm determined to try more crafts this year.  I'm hoping that knitting might help me fight the stiffness in my hands and help me keep them moving.  My own little form of physio for my hands.  Do you knit honeys? Do you crochet?  What are your favourite projects? Why not share a link? I'd love to see them.

Well, the sun has appeared outside and the wind even seems to have died down a little. It's more of a  moan than a howl now, thankfully.  I'll be so glad when these storms stop tormenting us and Spring arrives.  I can't wait to start work on our garden.  We're hoping to plant another rose bush, in memory of Mum, and some more lavender this year and I can't wait to see them bloom.

Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe. I have a feeling Winter's not quite done with us all yet.  Huggles always xx


  1. It's good to have a relaxing hobby, and if it makes pretty things then all the better. :) xxx

    1. Hello Leah x I've been having such fun with knitting :) I can't knit for too long at any time though (too painful) but I really do hope I can manage enough squares to make a blanket, even if it's only big enough to cover my knees when sitting on the sofa I'd be happy :) The cold is twisting me into a human pretzel honey, I hate feeling like this, I hope you're ok, the cold makes everything so much harder to cope with, sending heaps of huggles honey xxx