Wednesday, 8 April 2015

How Decluttering Can Let Your Home Breathe...

Hi Honeys
I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  Like so many others, I worked over the holiday weekend but here in the UK we had a bank holiday on Monday so with the help of my dear Hubby who also had the day off, we did this.....

How De-cluttering Can Let Your Home Breathe

I know, wow right? It was a lot of work, mostly done by Hubby (thank you sweetheart x) This is our master bedroom. If you've been reading recently you'll know we've done a lot of work on that tiny corner cupboard/closet you can see on the far right hand side of the above photos, turning it into the most wonderful, useable closet..........
perfect tiny closet & how de-cluttering can let your home breathe

The bookcase you can just about see, between the end of the wardrobe and the cupboard/closet has been incredibly useful and fits into that tiny space so well too.  We got it a while ago at Argos and use it to store DVDs.  As I've explained previously on this blog I don't sleep well & tend to watch TV during the nights when sleep escapes me. There are only so many infomercials a girl can take, so it's good to have a Blackadder or a Jonathan Creek box set around :)

After removing all this stuff from the tops of the wardrobes (thank you again sweetheart xx) we found, incredibly, that most of it had no place in our bedroom and belonged, what was being kept anyway, elsewhere. So, out it went!

From among all of that assorted stuff, all those storage boxes, the only thing to be kept in our bedroom was a pretty little Gardenia scented perfume gift set, which as you can see, has found a new home :)     

Really, the work done on Monday was just a continuation of our work on this room.   I keep going in and looking at it, even just to sit in that room now and close my eyes... it just feels different. It feels open, it feels bigger, it feels like a different room :) 

That's quite a statement, isn't it, honeys? It's true though, and I don't know how else to describe it. I feel so calm now in that room. Who'd have thought that something as simple as de-cluttering, as clearing a room of everything that doesn't belong there, would have such a dramatic impact on how the room "feels."

Even looking at the "before" photograph makes me feel anxious again, and yet we lived with all this clutter for so long! Maybe that's it? Maybe after a while you don't see it?

Whatever the explanation, it has urged us onward and made us even more determined to carry on working on our home, organizing, de-cluttering, until we've got every room in it looking, and feeling, as fabulous as our bedroom now does :)

Do you remember honeys how I planned to turn our guest room into a dressing room as well as a craft room?  This was simply because there was just too much stuff in our master bedroom, I didn't feel at ease there.  My dressing room is now, as it should be, a (wonderful) part of our bedroom. Just wait till you see what I've done with my dressing table, the proper one, the one in our bedroom, now that I've reclaimed it :)  It's not fancy but oh my how I love it!  More on that next time :)

It's official then, our bedroom is now my favourite room in our house, with the kitchen being a (very) close second :) What's your favourite room in your home honeys? What makes it special?

Well,  I've waffled on long enough and it's sunny outside :) I hope you're seeing the sunshine today dear ones and that your day is filled with happiness, smiles and lots of hugs :) Till next time honeys, sending you heaps of extra squeezy Rosie huggles xx

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