Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Secret To Effective De-Cluttering!

Hi Honeys
I seem to have had some kind of an epiphany with regards to our home organization project dear ones. I'm not sure if I can explain it properly, but I'll give it a try.  We've been trying desperately to de-clutter our home, in one shape or another, for what feels like forever and while we'd get things done it never felt like we were getting anywhere. Whatever we did, it never seemed to make any real difference to how our home looked or felt.

The Secret To Effective De-Cluttering That Realy Works!

Just the middle of last week I started to become aware of a change.  It was very subtle. I wasn't even sure if it was real or if I was imagining it, but I mentioned it to Hubby and he agreed. Our home was starting to feel... well, different.  It feels like it's taken such a long time, and so much work to reach this point, but I think we've "turned a corner" and even better, I think I might have figured out what's made the difference :)

It wasn't that we worked much harder on our home, although it has been work that's for sure, it's that we started to work smarter on it.  Before we started work on our kitchen makeover recently, we sat down and used pen & paper, we planned what we were going to do before we did it. One task just seemed to lead onto another quite seamlessly because .... and here it is! Here's what made the difference honeys, we stopped trying to de-clutter our whole house and started working on one room at a time!

That's it honeys, that's what made it all click. Concentrate on one room, start from the middle or pick a corner and start from there if you prefer.  Whatever you do though, plan it out and don't be tempted to start another project until that room is done.  Why not cut the task down into bullet points on a sheet of paper? Then tick off each one as they're done?

Focus is key.  It's that simple and I can't believe it's taken as long as it has for that particular penny to drop!  Creating homes for things as you go along is enormously helpful.  Then as you carry on in that room, or even after that room is done & dusted, things will have a designated space.  If, for instance, in the next room we tackle (when we eventually finish our master bedroom) I find, say a wandering hair clip or hand bag, I now have places set up to immediately take that item to and put it away. 

Honestly honeys, I feel a little like I've been muddling along in the dark and someone's just switched on a light.  It strikes me while writing this that this must be incredibly obvious and maybe I'm just a bit dense, in a "can't see the wood for the trees" kinda way,  not to have cottoned on before now :)  Still, I wanted to share my little "oh..... right...." moment with you in the hopes that it might help if anyone has been struggling along as I have been for ages, feeling a bit like they're wading through treacle.  I know that feeling all too well :)

Not any more though honeys :) We know exactly what we have left to do in our master bedroom (not much now yaaaay!) and have already planned out what needs done in our guest room.  This is the room I was planning on turning into a craft room & dressing room. Now that all of my clothes, shoes and accessories have been rounded up, purged & organized into our bedroom, the guest room will now only have to double as a craft room. The single bed in the guest room, (when it's not home to a guest :) and with the help of lots of cushions, has already become our little book nook.  I'll share our progress as we go honeys, promise.

For now though, enough of my waffling :) Till next time dear ones, keep smiling & hugging, it makes the world a brighter, sunnier place no matter what the weather :) Heaps of hugs always xx

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