Friday, 10 April 2015

Rosie's Girly Dressing Table..

Hi honeys,
I'm grinning again today dear ones, guess what? I have a dressing table!  I know, nothing special, right? Oh but it so is to me :) Now, it's not that my dressing table is just back from a long trip or that I've just realised that I have one :) Till now though, till our recent huge de-clutter-athon, it was chock full and stacked high with albums of photos, storage boxes and all sorts of tat that just didn't belong there!

Having set about downsizing, purging and keeping only what absolutely belongs in our master bedroom, I found myself with a clear surface and oh my! Am I happy dear ones :)

Organizing The Bedroom, Rosies Girly Dressing Table

There isn't even anything particularly special about my little dressing table, but I'm sitting here grinning while writing this :) Having re-discovered my little space, I've set about trying to girly-ize it :) This is what I've done so far.......

Do you remember the clear acrylic make up organizer I bought for our guest room when it was originally going to double as a dressing room honeys? It's now found it's way through to my dressing table and is a  perfect way to keep things together and organized.

In front of the organizer I've added a glass plate which also used to live next door, in the guest room.  It's black glass with a pretty white design  and has "boudoir" written across it in pink.   It's the perfect place to put jewellery or hair clips, either while I'm getting dressed or to put them after I take them off at night, before putting them away of course.

The other side of the dressing table, so far anyway, since I know this little dressing table will change & evolve, has a little glass jewellery box.  This had originally been placed on the clever little shelf Hubby had fitted for me behind the hanging rail in my tiny closet.  It's just too pretty to be hidden away in a cupboard though, so I took it out and sat it here on my dressing table. 

It's full of my favourite sparkles and shiny, pretty things :) Just costume jewellery but now that they're to hand I'll wear them more often :) Behind the jewellery box is a glass "clip" fastening jar.  It has make up sponges inside.  Then there are perfumes and Dove moisturiser.  I've used a pretty crystal glass, filled with blue sand (from Ikea) to store make up brushes.  In front of the glass is my powder brush, I use it to apply Mineral powder foundation.    

This really is such a daft wee thing to be so happy about, but I can't help it honeys :) As I said, it's sure to change over time but for now, this is my own tiny wee piece of girly heaven :)

Any suggestions on how to change anything honeys? Anything I can do to better organize?  I'd love to hear what you think, any suggestions most welcome :)

Well, I have to go get started on my day, I have work in a few hours and lots to do before then :) Whatever you're doing over the weekend dear ones, have fun! Till next time, thank you for keeping me company honeys, keep smiling & hugging, huggles always xx

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