Friday, 17 April 2015

Sunshine, Blue Skies, Furbaby Fun & Our Garden Awakes .... A perfect day!

Hi Honeys
I hope you're well and having fun in the beautiful sunshine we're being blessed with :) Yesterday was a wonderful, sunny day chock full of surprises and smiles and fun and I so wanted to share them with you :)

A Perfect Day! Want To Share With Me?

Of course my day started, as it always does, with hugs from our furbaby Jade :) I hadn't slept at all well but still smiled when I opened my eyes at a little after 6am to see Jade on the pillow next to me, staring at me and as soon as I opened my eyes I was set about with kisses and tail wags :) Now if that isn't a perfect start to a day I don't know what is :)  Bless our wee angel she always knows when her Mum is in need of cheering up :)

Having hugged Jade I went downstairs, with Jade tagging along bless her,  to find Hubby making tea & toast, more hugs, this time from Hubby, and then Jade again.... she doesn't like to be left out :)  While Hubby & Jade set off for their morning walkies I stood at the kitchen window looking out at the garden, and eventually.... remember I hadn't had much sleep here so I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box :) Well, eventually honeys the penny dropped.... it's sunny outside! I mean... really sunny!!

Of course, if you've read this blog at all you'll know about my all consuming obsession er fondness for laundry :) So dear ones, guess what Jade and I did yesterday?

After wishing Hubby as great day as I knew we'd have thanks to the sunshine :) He set off to work and Jade and I loaded the first wash into the machine. It was on taking that first laundry load outside to peg on the line that I noticed this.....
Peony Roses Start To Bloom

The peonies have started to bud! It happens every year and yet it always gives me such a lift when I see those beautiful buds appear amongst the lovely green leaves.  It will be no time now till we have beautiful huge round deep burgundy coloured tea roses to brighten our garden and I can't wait to see them :) I so love roses :) We have them in our tiny front garden too.

Whilst pegging laundry, I heard movement and looked up at the trees behind our garden fence and saw these beautiful creatures.....

They are wood pigeons, and kindly stayed around long enough for me to fetch my camera :) I do love wood pigeons. I always have.  I love their markings, with the pretty white feathers around their collar and through their wings and the gentle grace they seem to move with. Hopping from branch to branch with such apparent joy. They cheer me and I'm grateful they decided to visit our garden to say hello.

Jade adores them too although she can't figure out why they won't come down and play with her :)  One afternoon she took her ball to the fence at the bottom of the tree and dropped it, sitting down, staring at them.  Bless! I think she wanted them to come down and play and was even willing to share her much loved ball :)  Jade adores birds, one of her favourite activities is to feed the ducks with Hubby on their walks, she gets so excited and wags her wee tail when she sees them :)

Having taken some photos of the lovely wood pigeons, I went back to pegging my laundry out and noticed another precious visitor on a towel on the line.....

Is there anything so teeny tiny, so adorable & so welcomed in everyone's gardens as the dear, sweet little ladybird :) This is the first one I've seen this year and she very kindly allowed me to snap a few photos of her.  Do you remember last year's ladybird visitor honeys?

Having seen the Peony buds I thought I'd go check out our apple tree and see if it too was starting to bud and sure enough.....

First Apple Blossum Of The Year

Isn't a tree full of apple blossom just glorious honeys? I have hopes for this summer since our little tree managed to produce it's very first apple last year. Just the one, but it's a start and I so look forward to seeing how many appear this year. It would be fabulous to make something yummy using apples grown in our own garden :)

All in all dear ones I was truly blessed with so many smiles yesterday and I'm so grateful for each and every one of them.  You might have guessed though that what made my day absolutely perfect was being able to have fun with our furbaby :) It's so wonderful to see her happy and having fun with her ball, which she brings to me and drops at my feet for me to throw for her. She doesn't even seem to care that Mummy is completely hopeless & can't throw. I do try but it's more a case of rolling it away from me :)

Furbaby Jade Having Fun In The Garden

Our baby was a rescue and even now, after having been with us for over four years she still gets anxious. She has such a lovely, sweet nature too, it breaks my heart that anyone was ever cruel to our baby and every day we try to show her that she's loved and we won't ever let anyone ever hurt her again. 

In the afternoon Jade & I hugged on the sofa and watched Judge Rinder while waiting for the laundry to dry and for Hubby to come home. It was a wonderful day honeys, just perfect.  How was your day yesterday?  I so hope you got to see the sunny skies and that your day was full of smiles, hugs & joy too.

I so hope you have the best weekend ever honeys, till next time dear ones, sending heaps of huggles from me and Jade too xx

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