Monday, 13 April 2015

Why "Pocket" Storage Rocks...

Hi honeys,
In a recent post I mentioned that I was going to hang a "pocket storage" item in my new (much loved) closet, well things didn't really go to plan. I thought I'd share what went wrong and how we've fixed it, and while I was doing that, why not show you where else I use these wonderful little inventions :)

Why pocket storage rocks!

First then to the white canvas pocket hanger I had wanted to add to my new closet/cupboard.  It's exactly the same as this one, which currently hangs on the inside of our master bedroom door.
This hanger has been here for quite some time now and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  As you can see from the photo below, it has two clear pockets at the top, followed by two deeper pockets underneath, with a further two full width pockets under those.

Pocket storage unit on bedroom door - details.

Whilst the contents of this particular storage item aren't particularly exciting, it is vital that they're to hand if they are ever needed.    I use these pockets as the upstairs home for my emergency inhalers, my peak flow meter (with it's booklet & chart) & for my spacers.  My dear Hubby is pretty amazing in an emergency but it's still vital he knows exactly where my inhalers are if, as has happened in the past, I wake up unable to breathe. 

I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone who suffers from asthma how terrifying it is to experience an attack and thank God I have had Hubby to help me on the few occasions I have come close to losing consciousness.  Forget wearing a cape honeys, Hubby really has been my hero, I can honesty say I wouldn't be here if not for him on a few (very scary) occasions.

Downstairs I also have a make up bag which only contains a spacer, and one of each of my inhalers.  This is kept at my desk in our living room, this is quite separate from the inhalers that are my constant companions. This little bag is, exactly as the canvas pocket upstairs, for emergencies & I know Hubby feels better knowing exactly where he can grab an inhaler for me if he needs to, bless him.

Back to the canvas pocket unit on our bedroom door, though honeys.  One of the pockets is also home to my assorted wrist/hand & ankle supports, I couldn't work without these and it's good to have a home to keep them organized & ready to use. So after use they are washed, dried and returned to their little pocket home until needed.  These supports are my lifeline, as I said, I simply wouldn't get through a shift at work without them.    

Anyway, having planned to hang our other white canvas pocket unit on the inside of my new closet/cupboard door, we then found that this simply would not work!  Wanna know why honeys? Well as you can see in the photo below, the pockets are not "flat" & the canvas unit would push against the clothes in my closet. Oh well, the best laid plans....

Pocket storage - side view

Not to be put off in my plans to add pockets to the inside of the closet door, the outside of this door I use to store handbags, off I went to find a solution.

In our bathroom, also hanging behind the door, we had a pretty blue and white gingham & floral patterned similar pocket storage item.  Perfect! So, I emptied it of the shampoo sachets, soaps etc and popped it into the washing machine.  Out into the sunshine it went to dry and then it ended up here..

Pretty gingham & floral pocket storage unit fits perfectly inside the closet door.

Doesn't it look great honeys?  My pashminas and the other pocket organizer that were here are now on the hanging bar, temporarily until I ask Hubby to fit stronger hooks for them, slightly lower on the door, under the blue pocket unit.  These pockets will be a great place to store my bendy hair rollers, hair brushes and combs etc.

I really do love these pocket storage units :) They can be used for all kinds of things, in literally every room in your home.  We have one hanging on the inside of the cupboard at our back door.......

Kitchen cupboard pocket storage

As you can see honeys, it holds lots of "just in case" items.  The top pockets have a box of matches, two boxes of candles (not my lovely scented ones)  and a few small torches in case of a power cut.  We also have torches at the front door, by the circuit/fuse box, for the same reason.

The next row of pockets has a "magic eraser,"  a spare laundry line for our drying green in the back garden, compost bags for our little kitchen scraps bin by the kitchen sink, and a packet of dryer sheets, although thanks to our new kitchen pulley the dryer gets used far less these days.

The bottom row of pockets has a few packets of furniture "wipes."  Similar to wet wipes these are used to clean & polish wood surfaces. There is also a spare mop head and bags for our vacuum cleaner. 

I love that all of these useful items can be stored in the one place, ready to be used when needed and all that's required is a little set of pockets, attached where they're needed most :)  Do you use these little pocket storage units honeys? What do you find them useful for?

I hope you had a fabulous weekend dear ones, and that you're seeing the sunshine wherever you are.  Chilly winds and rain here right now, hopefully it will improve as the week goes on.  Till next time then, hugs always xxx

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