Monday, 27 April 2015

A Busy Week, Lots of Smiles & Organizing Scarves With The Cutest Owl :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Hubby & I have been really busy this past week, so apologies for being a little quiet around here. We both booked a few days off work and used them to do some major de-cluttering.  We've started work on Hubby's home office/man cave, which has been used as a central store room for far too long while we've worked on other rooms in our home.
A Busy Week Lots Of Smiles & Organizing Scarves With The Cutest Owl

This room will take a while, but we're making progress. Still so many boxes, and a large cupboard to sort through & organize honeys, but we'll get there eventually.  On Saturday we delivered four bags of VHS movies to our local Oxfam Music store.  VHS films, much like vinyl records, still have their collectors apparently, which is cool. We also took another three large bags of clothes & household things to Barnardos.  I'm so loving this de-cluttering and if we can help good causes too, all the better.  

Also on Saturday we made a (very rare) trip to Ikea.  I know I do waffle on about Ikea but I really do adore it there. A store whose entire purpose is home organization! What's not to love :)  I do wish the store was closer to our home though, since it is quite a trek to get there.  We usually make it out to Ikea possibly twice or three times a year so each trip is planned with military precision, and the trip on Saturday was no exception.  We took with us a list of what we needed for our on-going home organization projects. This is something we've done on our last few visits and it really does make our shopping trip so much easier.  During our visit I took lots of photos to share with you honeys.  Those photos will be in my next post, but today I wanted to catch up & share with you my new owl :) He's going to live in my new teeny closet and I'm sure he'll be happy there :)

Here he is......
Owl Scarf Organizer

Isn't he adorable?  I spotted him in Primark and had to bring him home with us :) He's made from the same material as those velvet type hangers? He's supposed to help organize scarves, which is exactly what I needed.  I so love scarves and recently I've been thinking about how to address that very problem.  Do you remember how I'd organized my pashmina shawl/scarves honeys?  I was considering doing something along the same lines with my scarves, but when I saw this little owl chap I just knew he was the very thing :)
Owl Scarf Organizer

While still in Primark I noticed an adorable little wooden sign ....
Wooden Love Carving Decoration

Isn't it pretty honeys?  It made me smile and I knew it would look great alongside the sweet little pastel blue pocket organizer I'd added to the door. Also it was in the sale at £1 so how could I not bring it home :)  I'm still changing the inside door of my little closet. It's just not "right" yet. Can't describe it honeys but it definitely needs tweaking.  I'm thinking of adding an Ikea BYGEL rail to the inside of the door, I'll share whenever I manage to make my mind up :)

Our furbaby Jade had such fun yesterday.  We took her to Pets at Home where she saw some adorable and very friendly bunnies. Not that she knows what bunnies are of course :) I think she just thought they were smaller, kinda odd looking dogs :)  She wagged her tail and wanted to make friends with them, bless her :)

She came home with treats, including one in the shape of a toothbrush.  She also got a new furry squeaky toy in the shape of a racoon, er I think... it says on the packaging that it's a "squeaky critter."  It's got a huge furry tail anyway and she loves it, she even took it up to bed with her last night to snuggle with :) She also got a bag of actual Scooby snacks!
Scooby snacks

Enough waffle from me for now dear ones.  I'll be back again with a photo heavy post tomorrow, we had such fun at Ikea and I took my camera with me so I could share our day with you. Till next time then, huggles xx

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