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Ikea's Ribba Picture Ledge -The Little Shelf That Can!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products,  I'm just sharing our journey to organize our home, hugs x

Hi honeys
As promised yesterday, I thought I'd share how we've used the Ribba ledge from Ikea in our bedroom.  Hand on heart, I can't say enough good things about these tiny shelves :) We have one in our living room which is home to our family photos, we have one in our craft room acting as a book nook, and we now have one in our bedroom, which we're using as a "catch-all" to keep things like tablets & e readers (and books) off our bedside cabinets. 

How a picture ledge can add extra storage and keep your bedside tables clear of clutter!

In yesterday's post I shared how we'd found a similar product on the Argos website, to use in our bathroom.  Those tiny ledges are ideal for our bathroom and are in fact very similar to the Ribba ledge but there are differences.  The first of these is price, the Argos ledges cost us £14.99, where two of the smaller Ribba ledges would have cost over a third less.  Another small difference is the width of the "useable surface" of the ledges. The Ribba ledge is slightly bigger in depth, giving more storage space.

Unfortunately, as I explained yesterday, we don't live near enough to Ikea to simply pop over, so, whilst if given the choice I would have preferred the Ribba ledges in our bathroom,  the Argos ledges were a welcome replacement and have proved very useful.

Back to the subject of todays post then honeys, can you remember we'd added extra storage above the bed in our master bedroom?  It was a shelf unit we'd used horizontally as small cubbies and looked like this......      

Argos Shelving Unit as Bedroom Storage

You might remember we'd used the same unit in beech above my desk in our living room?

This unit certainly worked for a while. There was lots of storage space for assorted items including lots of audio books, tablets & E readers etc.  I was however very aware of the weight of this unit.  

It is very heavy and even though I trust my husband, and his handyman skills in hanging shelves, implicitly, well... I worry :) Once an idea is in my head, well I fixate all heck out of it :) So, I asked Hubby to remove it, which he did straight away, bless him.

This unit has now found a home in the little craft corner that Hubby has set up for me.  It's perfect here since it's within reach of my little work table.   

Argos Shelf Unit Now Lives Happily In Craft Room

This left us wondering what to replace the little unit of cubbies with in our bedroom. Oddly enough, we already had the answer in the craft room! On the wall directly facing my craft corner is this.......

Ikea Picture Ledge As A Book Nook

This much loved little book nook is still in place :)  It was however inspiration for the space above the bed in our bedroom.  On our recent trip to Ikea, among other things, we bought another Ribba ledge and as you can see in the photograph below honeys it's just ideal :)    

Ikea picture ledge above the bed in the master bedroom is perfect for storing books, tablets etc and keeping your bedside table clutter free.

I love how it looks above the bed, it holds everything we want it to and best of all I'm no longer worrying about a very heavy shelf bouncing off our heads while we sleep :)  Let's have a look at how we've put it to use......

Ikea picture ledge above the bed makes perfect additional storage.

As you can see honeys, the audio books have moved, they're now next door in the craft room.  Instead we have, from the left to right of the photograph, Hubby's current bedside book, and tablet. There are then some little items whose only purpose is that they make me smile :) The tiny gold gift bag by the tablet case belongs to the even tinier Buddha figure which is sitting in front of it. 

Next there are four ornamental globes. The two opaque ones light up and change colour, they're so pretty and I find the soft light very calming.  The two other globes are covered in artificial pearls in palest pastel green & peach. Again, they are there because I thought they were so pretty.  Next to the globes on the right hand side is another tiny gift bag, with a tiny matching angel figurine sitting in front.  These tiny bags, and the beautiful little corresponding figures, were gifts from Hubby so they mean a lot to me.  

The blue album next on the shelf is a collection of photographs from many years ago, taken while I was at College.  It was a happy time in my life and these photographs are very dear to me, so they deserve their place here. I'm trying, during this top to bottom home organization we're working towards, to surround us with things that make us both smile. This tiny ledge is full of things that do just that :) Last item on the shelf is my E reader, normally my tablet will sit there too.  It occurs to me while looking at this photograph that Hubby is not overly present on this little ledge, but to explain, Hubby has a "man cave" where the majority of his memorabilia, work awards, etc all live :)    

I will occasionally have a large Bagpuss sitting on my pillow, but in the photo above he has been replaced by Hamish :) Hamish was a surprise gift from Hubby and is a lovely, soft & cuddly wee Heiland coo :) I adore him and I named him after a character played by the wonderful Robert Carlyle in a much loved series called "Hamish MacBeth." Don't worry honeys, Bagpuss is safe & well and right now happily living near our book nook :)  

On the wall above the Ribba ledge is a beautiful canvas showing a stairway leading down to the beach and the sea. I swear I can get lost in this lovely image. I find it very calming, does that sound odd? I love it, we got it from Studio and it wasn't even all that expensive, but it seems so at home in our bedroom.

I'm sure that the items on this little ledge will change over time but the ledge I'm fairly certain it will stay.  Any thoughts honeys?  How do you keep your bedside clutter at bay? Do share in the comments below.

Till next time dear ones, stay warm if it's chilly out, keep smiling and have a wonderful weekend, Hugs always xx

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