Friday, 13 March 2015

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Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, I just like to share our journey in our quest for an ordered home, and the solutions we're finding to help us organize, hugs x

Hi Honeys
Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week and that you're looking forward to a fabulous, fun weekend.  I have to work late tonight (and tomorrow night) but I'm so looking forward to next week! Hubby has booked a few days holiday from work and we're spending the time working on our spare room which we're turning into a dressing room & craft room.  The hope is to get the room finished this week (yaaaay!) but I thought I'd share the latest storage solutions Hubby has installed for me, bless him :)

Perfect Wal Storage For Your Bedroom & Dressing Room

Do you remember my post on how we made a start on one side of the room, which is to be used as a craft area.  I'll eventually have all of my knitting, crochet & sewing things in this area, and it's starting to look quite good.  Still a little work to do, but I'm hoping we'll get to it at some point this coming week.

Our priority though is to complete work on the other side of the room where I have a tiny dressing table, and a wonderful two door reach in closet.  This is what will take up the most time I think. Do you remember what it looks like now?

Bedroom Closet Plans & Work To Be Done
As you can see honeys, there is lots to do this week in the closet alone.  Currently this cupboard/closet has two large shelves and a single hanging rail.  I think eventually it would be great to possibly change this to three rails. One on one side for longer items such as dresses, and two (one above the other) on the other side for skirts, trousers and blouses. I have a set of narrow drawers to go into this space too.  For this week though, we're hoping to have the pipes boxed in, the inside wallpapered and the floor tiled.  Phew! A lot of work for a tiny cupboard/closet.

Today though, I wanted to share the latest update to this room.  We recently added a really useful, wall mounted hanging rail and  we've now added more wall storage using a system we'd already used in our kitchen to great effect.  Being vertical, it really does take up practically no space and yet it can store so much.  It's made up of components taken from the Ikea Algot system. 

Do you remember the area by the cupboard/closet doors? it has my tiny dressing table and Hubby had put up some glass shelves for me.  Down at the side of the dressing table, and partly why it was placed here, is a double power outlet/socket.  This will be incredibly useful since it will allow me to use my hairdryer and straighteners, and might allow some lighting to be installed later.  This is what we've done with the Algot components so far....  

ALGOT Wall Storage For Bedroom & Dressing Room
For the bedroom we bought the same ALGOT rail, and instead of buying three baskets, we instead have used two baskets and a shelf.  All of these items are supplied with a bracket which just clicks into the rail.  So it's incredibly easy to change their position if I ever want to re-arrange them or change which items are stored where.

At the top of the rail we've used the ALGOT shelf.  This is more like a small tray than a shelf, so would be great if used to store smaller items because the edge would prevent anything falling off.  I've used it though to store a set of three pretty storage boxes I found on sale a while ago from Asda (Walmart).  These are still empty right now but I'm sure they'll find a good use :)     

Under the shelf is the first of the two baskets. I love these baskets! They aren't huge but they hold such a lot! So far in the first basket I have a bottle of Mist You Madly, (I adore Soap & Glory) and a couple of linen sprays (not aerosols, my asthma doesn't like them!) I so love the scent of lavender. One of these days I'll learn how to make my own from the lavender in our garden :)

There is also one of my favourite clutch bags, it was a gift from Hubby many years ago and was part of a gift set with perfume (it was Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.) In front of the clutch bag there are two pairs of white cotton gloves I use to moisturise my hands.  Once or twice a week I treat my hands to lots of Soap & Glory Hand Food and then put on my gloves for an hour or so. In Winter when the weather is being harsh on my hands, I'll keep them on overnight. I do the same thing for my feet using a pair of cotton socks and some Heel Genius.     

ALGOT Basket As Storage In Bedroom & Dressing Room
This brings us to the bottom basket honeys.  So far in this basket I have my hairdryer, which is in its own little bag, and a bag holding my long, bendy, flexible rollers. The ones you can twist into any shape you want. I don't use rollers very often any more but they're great to have, and I just adore the bag they're stored in :)  

ALGOT Basket Storage For Bedroom & Dressing Room
I bought the bag while ago from Home Bargains just because it was so pretty and made me smile :) The embroidery on it says "dancing in sensible shoes can seriously damage your reputation."  I love this range, but I haven't been able to find anything in a while.  I have a few of their notebooks and a planner as well as a few household things like coasters & storage boxes. The company is called Santoro and the range is called Swanky Modes.  The whole collection is adorable and worth looking out for honeys.

So, what do you think honeys? I'm so happy with how this rail and accessories look in what would be wasted space in the corner.  I'm sure the contents with change as the room continues to be worked on but for now it's making me smile whenever I go in there.     

ALGOT Wall Storage For Bedrooms & Dressing Rooms
I'm a huge fan of Ikea storage. If Hubby or my much loved BiL heard me say that they'd probably laugh and say that I'm obsessed with Ikea in general :) OK, so maybe I am :) Every year I pour over their new catalogue looking for anything new that I can adapt and use in our home.

Their products are mostly very affordable and they sometimes, as in the case of this ALGOT system in my humble view, verge on genius :) There are so many components that can be used in so many different parts of the home, in a bedroom, dressing room, laundry room (I would SO love a laundry room) pantries and maybe in garages. 

For now though I'm so happy with my little baskets and shelf :) I have to hurry and get ready for work now honeys, but I'll be back again after the weekend.  Till next time dear ones, have fun, stay warm and safe in this odd weather we're having, and keep smiling :) Sending heaps of hugs your way xx 

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