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A Little Catch Up & Closet Update.....

Hi honeys
Well this has been quite a week and a half, that's for sure :) When last we spoke I'd said that Hubby had booked this week off from work and that we'd be spending the week finishing off our spare room AKA my little oasis of calm. You might remember Hubby was changing our guest room into a craft room/dressing room for me?  Well, funny thing about that......

Why I'm Happy With My New Smaller Closet

I know I've been waffling on and on about my new girly closet for a while now, apologies honeys, I've just been so excited :) The guest room has a two door, reach in cupboard/closet.  You might remember that it looked like this......

Bedroom Closet Before Photo
In addition to decorating the walls (we'd decided on wallpaper for this) and boxing in the pipework, Hubby also decided to lower the floor in this cupboard too.  The cupboard was originally home to the immersion tank used to heat the house's water supply, of course this was in the days before central heating boilers and the large water tank/heater had long since been removed. 

The removal of the water tank had left a slightly raised floor, intended to support the tank. Luckily Hubby is a very able handyman.  I am such a lucky lady in so many ways, but the greatest of my blessings is my dear Husband. Yeah, I know, soppy but true :)

Long story short, Hubby changed the cupboard above into this.......

Bedroom Closet After Photo

Isn't it lovely honeys? I was so, so happy with it! There we were having a cuppa and I said to Hubby "isn't it weird? creating a wardrobe/closet in the spare room when we have that cupboard in the bedroom...."

We do indeed have a cupboard/closet in our bedroom honeys.  Genuinely, it hadn't occurred to either of us to use it for clothes.  I suppose that might be because when we originally moved in Hubby had fitted it top to bottom with large wide shelves.  Using it as a closet would mean removing all of those shelves, and believe me those shelves were fitted properly, so it was a lot of work to even contemplate.  Did I mention what a wonderful man my sweet Husband is? Not a complaint, nope, not even one.

Having chatted away over our cuppas, we came to the following conclusions...
1. It made sense, if possible, for clothes to be confined to our bedroom, thus avoiding my disturbing my dear BiL when he's staying.
2. It seemed silly not to use a perfectly good cupboard/closet in our bedroom when it was available to us.
3. Since neither one of us knew, off hand, what was being currently stored in that cupboard (seriously) we also had to make a glaring admission.... we're packrats! 

I suppose we'd already kinda faced this fact when we started our de-cluttering journey. Of course this was before we started emptying cupboards.  Now that we've  emptied a couple of cupboards out....  sheesh!! I like to think we're nice people, but we gotta face it honeys, we're nice people who are complete pack rats :) Well not any more! 

So, having made the decision to use the cupboard/closet in our bedroom for clothes, this left us a beautifully decorated (thank you Hubby darling, love you) closet in our guest room to find a use for.  Remember I said I was going to use this room as a craft room?  It just made sense then to use this closet to store craft supplies, books and anything else that deserved a home in my little oasis of calm :)

It's by no means finished, and I promise I'll update you as we go, but so far the new closet looks like this.....

Craft Room Closet

It's no where near finished yet honeys, but this cupboard/closet will be a fabulous home for my craft supplies! I am giddy at the thought of my wool, threads, buttons, bows, lace & fabric all having a designated place to be :)
Craft Room Closet

There isn't much here yet really, Hubby moved in a little red metal shelf unit we've had for ages, and so far I've added some little storage boxes on the top shelf for smaller crafting supplies like ribbons, buttons etc. There are some books, a couple of boxes full of Empire film magazine issues (we've bought it since issue two and have them all dotted around the house :)  I've also decided that this cupboard would be a great central place to store my candles.

I love scented candles :) I think my favourites are rose, apple or lavender scents. I do have a few gorgeous different coffee scented ones too though :) Now I have a place to organize them :)

Back to the cupboard in our bedroom :)  Well lets just say that we started emptying it yesterday and finished it this morning and we have three large bags ready to go to the charity shop and lots (really LOTS) for the bin :) It's such a great feeling to have stuff leave the house only to be replaced by wonderful, empty, useable space :)

Having emptied the cupboard, Hubby set about removing the shelves and then (because he's beyond wonderful) he then decided to strip the wallpaper off and re-paper to freshen it up for my girly closet space :) This is the cupboard/closet after he's stripped it back ready to decorate.......

Bedroom Closet Before Photo

The wallpaper (or what remains of it) you can see is the bottom layer of wallpaper. I absolutely love it! I would have bought that :) It's very me and probably dates from around when the house was first built in the late 1950s.  Well honeys, a few hours later and the cupboard/closet looked like this.............

It's wonderful and I just love it already :) Of course it's around half the size of the cupboard in the other room which Hubby originally decorated for me, bless him (love you honey) but I'm determined that my new tiny weeny closet will be the TARDIS of closets :)

I've started by doing this......... 

Extra Storage In A Small Bedroom Closet

I've used two of those "won't come loose even if you really want them to" large plastic hooks and attached them to the inside of the closet door, and then I did this......

The first hook is holding the hanger storing my pashmina scarves/shawls, do you remember I'd written a post about how I store them? You can read it here.  The second hook is home to my jewellery dress. A sort of hanging, dress shaped, fabulous item that has lots of clear pockets on the front and loops to store chains, beads, necklaces etc on the reverse.  I'd seen these online and had always wanted one :) 

I have so many plans for this tiny space, and I look forward to sharing them with you honeys :) Next post I'll share my handbag storage on the other side of the door :) You'll love it! So simple to do and a great way to display your favourite handbags :)

This has been a shocking amount of work this week, mostly for Hubby, bless him. Best I can do is bring tea now and again :) We had hoped to have finished the craft room but we took a pretty major tangent by deciding to clear & decorate an additional cupboard, so we're really pleased with what's been achieved.  What do you think of the new closet honeys? How do you squeeze extra storage out of a small closet?

Bedroom Closet Before And After Photos

Well, dear ones, I have to close now, go have my shower and head to bed. It's after 1am and I have a late shift at work tomorrow. Till next time, when I'll share my super simple handbag storage system, please stay warm & safe, sending you heaps of hugs as always xx

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