Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Super Easy Chicken & Mediterranean Vegetables

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to write this, one of my little kitchen experiments just turned into the most delicious dinner and I wanted to share, hugs x

Hi Honeys
Have you ever found yourself with a really busy day where time just goes by way too fast and before you know it ..... it's time to get dinner on the table?  What about something beyond delicious you can have ready in no time at all, made from three items from your freezer & pantry and best of all it practically cooks itself?

Chicken with Mediterranean Vegetables Recipe

I've always loved creating dishes by combining what I have on hand, or I'll see something while shopping and think "that looks amazing... wonder what I can do with it?"  During a recent shopping trip in Asda (Walmart) I spotted a bag of  Mediterranean Vegetables with Cherry Tomatoes from their new "Good & Balanced" range.  I've already tried a few items from this range, intended to make it easier to include healthy choices at meal times, and I was really impressed by the quality and the value since prices are great too.  Having really liked the few purchases from this range we've already tried, including their steam in the bag veggies which are a dream,  I picked up a bag of the Mediterranean Vegetables to give them a try :)  

So, standing in the kitchen, planning dinner for Hubby yesterday afternoon I remembered the pack of Mediterranean vegetables I had in the freezer and took them out. Then I thought what about chicken? A quick rummage in the freezer & I took out a pack of cooked chicken breast strips.  I always have a pack or two of these in the freezer because I use them to make Hubby's favourite chicken Fajitas :)

Seriously honeys, dinner last night almost made itself! I'll definitely be buying the pack of Mediterranean vegetables again, they smell gorgeous while cooking and tasted wonderful.  It must have been really nice because Hubby took some to work today for lunch :)  So, here's what I did....

Chicken & Mediterranean Vegetables in a Tomato Sauce 



1. Empty the pack of (still frozen) Mediterranean vegetables into a Saute pan (or a high sided frying pan or wok) and place onto the cooker on a low heat. 

Frozen Mediterranean Vegetables Recipe

Allow the vegetables to simmer over the low heat, stirring occasionally.  As they defrost & cook on the low heat you will see they are in their own basil and black pepper Sauce.  According to the details on the website this is done by coating the vegetables in a mixture of  sunflower oil, water, basil, black pepper extract, garlic extract and salt. It smells wonderful :)

2. Once the vegetables had created their own sauce in the pan, I added the packet of cooked chicken breast strips, again letting the pan simmer over a low heat, stirring occasionally. 

3. Once the vegetables and chicken are both warmed through in the pan and combined, add the carton of chopped tomatoes, stirring through till it's all mixed well together. Raise the heat under the pan a little (not too hot, you don't want it to burn) and keep stirring to prevent sticking for a few minutes till everything is warmed through. 

4. Serve with your favourite side and wait for compliments :)  Great sides might include a lovely crisp salad, with healthy wholemeal wraps, or what about thinking outside the box a little and making a pot of extra fluffy mashed potatoes?

There are no words for how delicious this one pan, three ingredient dinner was :) It was seriously yummy! So much so I've added it to our dinner rotation :)  When given the choice I prefer making meals from scratch, and this same dish could so easily be made that way. On a busy day though, when you don't have time to prep vegetables, this is just ideal. 

Over to you honeys :) Do you have any quick & easy dinners for busy nights to share?  Have you blogged them? If so please leave links in the comments below? I love trying new recipes and if they're recommended to me by friends as extra yummy, then it's all the better :)

I hope that you're having a great week dear ones. It's cold, windy and rainy here. Oh I so long for Spring!! Till next time honeys, stay warm & safe, sending you heaps of hugs xxx 

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