Thursday, 26 March 2015

Springtime, Sunny Days & Furbaby Hugs :)

Hi honeys

I hope you're well and enjoying the recent lovely Spring weather :) Spring completely changes my mood, dear ones. Every year we suffer through yet another dreary Winter with grey skies, low temperatures and rain, so, so much rain! I'm convinced that some day, citizens of the west coast of Scotland will evolve and develop webs between our hands and feet to better swim our way to work! Ugh! I am so not a winter person honeys. Although, much as I dislike the cold rain and grey skies of what has become a typical Scottish Winter these past few years, I am always grateful that the rain is not snow! Oh how I hate snow :(

Yesterday was a marvellous day :) It was so sunny, with only the occasional fluffy white cloud to break the expanse of gorgeous blue skies. In the back garden the sun felt so lovely & warm on my face. Jade and I played fetch with her ball in the garden, our furbaby was a rescue, although who rescued who is very much open to debate :) and she suffers from anxiety, bless her. It was wonderful to see her so happy and having so much fun :)

Springtime Sunny Days And Furbaby Hugs

I also managed to hang laundry outside! Yaaaay! I adore laundry! I love it even more when I'm able to dry it outside. The way it smells when it's brought back inside is just heavenly! It's more than worth the pain in my spine from hanging it. 

Sunny blue skies, fun with our furbaby Jade, laundry and a lovely dinner with my soul mate. Yesterday was a perfect day :) Unfortunately, as is often the way, these things seldom last. During the night when Hubby let Jade out he discovered it was snowing!! Seriously!

It was certainly cold enough last night, but we thought that it was just the clear skies? Well, no snow there this morning, but it's been a properly driech day. Dark grey skies, a chilly northern wind and so much rain :(  Yuk!  Never mind honeys, it will get better I'm sure.  The clocks go forward this weekend so we'll officially be in British Summertime... are ya listening there, weather? :)

I hope you're seeing more sunshine than rain honeys, and I hope that you have a fabulous weekend. Till next time dear ones, keep smiling, be happy and hug more than you have to :) You never know how much that hug will mean to the person receiving it, maybe you can change a right driech day into one with a rainbow :) huggles always xx

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