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How Some Clever Ikea Systems Are Keeping Our Kitchen Counters Clear! Part Two

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, just my opinions & wanted to share how our kitchen makeover is going, hugs xx

Hi Honeys
Back, as promised, with a look at how we've cleared our counter/worktops in our kitchen, all from a trip to Ikea :) In my last post I shared how I'd tidied up our longest counter/worktop & a couple of the products we'd used. In this post I'll show you one of my new favourites in the Ikea range :) It's called FINTORP and it's helped us clear the work surface near our cooker. 

Ikea Fintorp - The secret to our clear kitchen counter

First though, let's see how it looked after our recent kitchen makeover.....

Before Photo - Our Kitchen Wall Near Cooker After Our Recent Makeover

We loved it like this, it's certainly its far less cluttered than it had been before our kitchen re-do, but I still wasn't completely happy with it.  I had a definite picture in my head of what I wanted from the kitchen, and of course from the counters/worktops and we've been working towards, using lots of wall storage. 

Mostly so far we've used items from the BYGEL range, using rails and hooks to suspend utensils, as well as the Bygel containers (which also hang on the rails) for things like straws & stock cubes.
Wall storage is working really well in our kitchen honeys. I love that I can have everything I need to hand when it's needed, and on a personal note, as someone with spine/back problems, anything that helps me avoid bending to get into cabinets too often is very welcome. 

We've made great use in our kitchen of items from the BYGEL & (now) FINTORP range because they are not only very practical to use, they're also very pretty I think.

This is how the counter/worktop near our cooker looks now.....

After - Organization Using Ikea Fintorp Products Has Given Us Lovely Clear Counters

As I said earlier, we really only make it to Ikea maybe twice a year, so we do plan ahead before a trip.  This includes using Ikea's online store shopping list. A fabulous tool which allows shoppers to add items to their list as they find them, and store them there.

It really is a very useful resource when planning a shopping trip because if printed out on the day of your visit it will give you other useful information about your chosen products. It will tell you exactly how many of each item are available to buy that day, it will confirm the cost and sometimes where each item is situated in the store.

We'd seen the FINTORP range and thought the baskets looked ideal, so added them to our list. The plan was to keep things nearby, and therefore useable but up off the countertop. So, for this little mini makeover near the cooker, we bought a Fintorp rail, two of the larger baskets and a packet of 5 hooks.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.....

After Photo - Ikea Fintorp Organization Details

As you can see the Fintorp basket nearest the cooker has been used to hold our tea things (teapot, milk jug & sugar pot) and the other basket, right now anyway, has some lovely fresh sweet potatoes (yum!!) although I might end up keeping fruit there.  Because the pack of hooks has five supplied, after hanging the two baskets we had a hook left, so I've used it to keep our green apple corer gadget to hand.

My plan was to have the counter/worktop empty so that it's easier for me to clean but I've kept my little ceramic mini cookie jar. It's where I store my stock cubes & oxo cubes, so it makes sense to have it near the cooker, but it also makes me smile too :) So for that reason alone maybe it earns it's place by the cooker :)

The glass worktop saver is so pretty and was a bargain found during a recent shopping trip in Asda, it was a whole £1! It's clear glass with two recipes printed on it, for a Victoria Sponge and a Lemon Drizzle cake.  It's perfect to stand hot pots & pans on when removing them from the heat, so again saves my achey hands from too much weight.

Did you spot the tiny wooden plaque with the Beatles quote standing in the bygel basket? It's from Valentines Day :) I'll probably hang it up eventually but I see it whenever I go in to make dinner & it makes me smile, so it can stay there for now :) 

So honeys, that's another wee job done in our kitchen.  I have a feeling that it's not the last but that's OK too. It's all of these little, personal things that make a home don't you think?

Ikea Kitchen Organization Using Fintorp Range Before & After

What do you think honeys? How do you keep your counters clear?  Do you have an Ikea obsession er I mean, do you like Ikea organizing too?  :)  Have you used any of their Fintorp or Bygel range products? I'd love to see other ways of using them.  Till next time dear ones, stay warm & I hope you're having a fabulous week, huggles always xx

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