Friday, 12 August 2016

Why I love Home And Why You Should Too...

Hi Honeys
Does your home hug you when you walk through the door? When I get home from work at night I'm greeted by a happy, smiling, Hubby & furbaby and by a silent hug from our home too.

I walk through our door and I can immediately feel the stress leave my body, my shoulders relax and I always smile :) I still adore Ikea beyond all reason but home is my real happy place :)

Six ways to make your house a home

So, how to make our home a place you never want to leave and always long for when you're not there honeys. Turns out, it's really easy :)

Six Ways To Make Your House A Home.. 

1. Love every inch of your home and it'll love you back :) 

How many of us have dining tables and eat dinner in front of the TV?  Set the table, use the good plates, make every meal a celebration. Ban phones, tablets etc, talk and hold hands instead :)

2. Make your bedroom your own personal oasis of calm. 

Decorate in a soothing colour, choose beautiful bedding that'll make your bed feel luxurious.  When shopping for bedding, look around, beautiful bedding doesn't have to be expensive, check the high street, Ikea and even your favourite supermarket! Tesco and Asda/Walmart have the prettiest bedding available at affordable prices.

Always make your bed and pick up clutter in the mornings so that when you walk into your bedroom at night you're walking into a peaceful, relaxing space, no stress allowed :) Do you love throw pillows? I do :) It's your space honeys, have as many as you want.  Why not set up a designated basket to pop them safely into at night, it will keep them clean and keep your bedroom tidy too.

3. Make your living/family room stress free. 

Tidy up before going to bed and make it a rule to never walk out of the room without gathering up any coffee cups or other clutter on the coffee table as you go.  Have bins and baskets to help with a quick tidy at night before bed. Our furbaby Jade has a large basket for her toys (I swear it's like living with a toddler but we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Why not have a basket under your coffee table to store magazines, catalogues etc and a small pretty bin or mini basket on the table to store remote controls.  This will keep your remotes to hand and make your coffee table look so much tidier too.  No more rummaging down the back of the sofa looking for the TV remote :)

If you have children, a small ottoman could be used to put toys away out of sight, changing the space from a child friendly play area to an adult relaxing zone when little ones are in bed at night. Why not keep lovely soft throws in a basket by the side of the sofa to snuggle under while watching TV?

4. Forget the magazine layouts, organize your kitchen to suit you.  

There are countless ways to store items in the kitchen to make preparing meals a breeze.  Keep your most used pots and utensils close to hand, use open shelves if you prefer them to cabinets and why not use small bins or baskets to organize the contents of your fridge and freezer?  Always load the dishwasher or wash any dishes in the sink before bed.  It only takes a few minutes but makes such a huge difference to how you feel in the morning.

5. Make your entryway/hallway a trip free zone 

Set up a designated space to put shoes, bags and coats. Set up baskets, maybe one for each family member, in the lower hallway or on the stairs.  Place any stray items found downstairs during the day inside each persons basket and they can take them up with them to put away each night.

Set up a system to sort incoming mail as it arrives.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  A small bin to recycle empty envelopes and junk mail with a basket or hanging pockets to place items to action ie bills to pay, items to file such as statements or letters and, finally, things to shred such as anything which has any personal details including your name and address.  Personal data is a valuable commodity to fraudsters honeys, don't make it easy for them.

6. Fill your home with smiles.  

Display favourite family photos and treasures to remind you of happy days out, holidays and smile filled occasions. Items needn't match, or adhere to a theme.  The only requirement is that they make your heart smile.  Your home is your kingdom, a space to escape from the world if you want to.  Make it a happy, comfortable place you can't wait to get home to.

Why not set up a "slipper zone" in the entryway or just inside your front door?  Aside from keeping your carpets and rugs clean by preventing dirt being trekked into your home, what could be more welcoming when you get home than the sight of your comfy slippers? Hang up your coat, kick off your shoes, step into your slippers, close your eyes and take a minute to breathe.  You're home. 😊

What do you do to make your space a happy one honeys?  Why not share in the comments section?  I hope you have a fabulous weekend, full of smiles and hugs :) Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx 

Huggles Always, Rosie xx


  1. This is a lovely post Rosie! I need to channel your Ikea organising juju! But it'd help if my nearest Ikea wasn't 2 hours away, sob. I love your home posts. :) xx
    x LoveLeah x

    1. Hi Leah, Oh no!! Ikea need to start opening more stores! I so wish we could visit together, it's such a huge shop! It seriously is a day out in itself and I'm always so grateful to be able to sit down in the safe :) Thank you so much for visiting, it always makes me smile to see you, huggles always xxx

  2. I agree with Leah, this is a lovely post! Great ideas & reminders. I have a basket for Js toys too & even so they are often spread all over the living room rug at the end of the day. I need to get better at picking up all before the end of the day. I like your idea to have a special designated basket for your throw pillows.

    1. Hi Rhonda :) Aw bless!! Baby J is growing so fast, and she does have the cheekiest, most adorable wee face, she'll be a wee character when she's older :) There are years to spend tidying, and Baby J's first years will pass so fast, ignore the housework and make happy, smiley memories instead :) Sending you heaps of huggles always xxx

  3. It's so important to make a house a home, somewhere you can relax and love to spend time every day :)

    1. Hello honey! So lovely to see you here x I've just been reading your latest post on easy ways to stay fit in Autumn, it's wonderful! Hope you don't mind but I've pinned to my health board? I'm sorry for the lateness of my reply, I've been battling the absolute worst chest infection. Five weeks! Thankfully I'm feeling much better today.

      I so, so agree too with your comment. Our homes should be a safe place, an oasis to escape the stresses and strains of the day and a place we can immediately feel ourselves relax when we walk through the door. Have a fabulous week and sending you heaps of hugs honey xxx

  4. Great advice. Now if only all my kids toys would fit in an ottoman! My youngest struck out and has the box room so the majority of hers are in the living room and the toy box doesn't quite contain them all. I do like to make sure everything is stacked away into one particular corner as soon as she's in bed though. And you can't beat a cozy blanket in front of the tv x

    1. Hi Alana, thank you so much for visiting. There's so much more to life than tidy :) The time between little ones being children and then going off to College or University is so short, just ignore me and enjoy the toys and the smiles :) Collect magic moments and memories and think about ottomans some other day :) Wishing you a wonderful week and sending heaps of hugs Alana, huggles xx

  5. I'm working on making my house a home, as it's rented so not truly 'mine'. It's a long but fun process, and I like some of your advice. I especially love throw pillows on my bed (although my husband hates them!), and I feel that now I've got new bedding, the throw pillows are the next thing... #TheListLinky

    1. Carol, wherever you live right now is yours, and everything you do now you can do all over again when you find your forever home. What is it with men and throw pillows? Hubby tolerates my love for them but has admitted that he wouldn't have one in the house if left to his own devices :) ooooooo lovely!! new bedding is my absolute favourite!! What's it like? You absolutely should have throw pillows to complete your oasis of calm! Thank you so much for visiting, I loved your post on mobility issues tonight and I completely understand, I'm going to reply but it's late (almost 2am!) and I want to be awake when I write (I'm struggling right now but wanted to reply to lovely comments when I'd noticed them and life got in the way this evening as it often does and I didn't want to go to bed before I'd said hello :) It's so nice to meet you Carol, sending heaps of huggles xx

  6. These are lovely tips. We have been really working on sorting out our house, tidying, de-cluttering and planning final decorating, and it really does help you feel happier when things get organised doesn't it. #thelistlinky

    1. Hi Caroline, thank you for visiting x I've just been reading your post on is a tidy house a happier house, it's wonderful and I so, so agree. We seem to have spent our married life together, Hubby & I, collecting clutter and we're trying so hard to downsize, declutter and organize but every time I open a cupboard... more clutter :) We'll get there eventually, and to be honest the journey is kinda fun :) Huggles always xx